CoolSculpting: A Fat Freezing Treatment for Building Self-Esteem

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As we age, fat cells gravitate to spots on our body based on genetics. If your grandma had a belly or your mom had saggy upper arms, there’s a good possibility that you will inherit those traits. With exercise and diet, some fat cells may shrink, but they never go away. This can be especially frustrating for those of us who have struggled with extra weight in problem areas that we just can’t seem to get rid of.

Body fat can impact your self-confidence about your appearance. If you try to lose weight and see extra fat as a failure, it can lead to depression, feelings of low self-worth, and a lower drive to reach your true potential. How we see our own bodies impacts how we feel, make decisions, and behave every day.

How many times have you:

  • Avoided wearing a bathing suit because it would show fat areas on your body?
  • Worn loose clothing that was less flattering so you could hide your shape?
  • Felt helpless about changing your body’s appearance?

In some cases, a little body sculpting with a fat freezing treatment to eliminate love handles or a double chin may make all the difference in the world in building confidence and spirit.

Coolsculpting Before and After


[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”SrI0x6oI9E9ds9D2cxxyAnzMgt3UQJU4″]To date, surgery has been the most common way to address fat removal, but today there is a better option that is proven effective every time. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared non-surgical body contouring technology that has people taking notice, even those without previous interest in body rejuvenation treatments.

For many people, the biggest concerns about a procedure are pain, recovery time and long-term side effects. The good news is, CoolSculpting has none of these issues. For the past seven years, CoolSculpting has been proven effective in clinics across the world. With such a high rate of success, people who undergo this fat freezing treatment consider the cost well worth it.

But how does the process work? The procedure involves a technician applying a small suction cup to the surface of the skin in the area that needs treatment. The device gradually freezes fat cells without having any effect on nerves, skin, or other tissues. Several parts of the body can be treated simultaneously. During treatment there is a cooling and numbing sensation, but no pain.

The process works because fat cells react differently to cold than other cells in the body. The frozen fat cells shrink and die off and are naturally metabolized and eliminated by the body, never to return. See our video above about how CoolSculpting works.

You can go about your normal daily activities immediately after the procedure, and the results progress over the next couple months as you live your life. As the fat cells die, there may be slight deep-tissue sensitivity and/or other sensations like itching and tingling that are uncomfortable, but not painful. You’ll see the full effect of the procedure in about three months.

A trip to a Quintessa clinic for a CoolSculpting treatment can be a similar experience to your usual mani-pedi or haircut and color appointment: You leave the treatment feeling rejuvenated. Losing fat safely through CoolSculpting may be that little boost you need to be happier and more confident in your own skin.

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