How much bruising will there be with Juvéderm in the chin crease?

Dr. Andrew Campbell at Quintessa Aesthetic Center

Typically, injections of Juvéderm do not cause any visible bruising. However, there may be a 10 percent or up to a 20 percent chance that bruising will occur with this type of injection and I do caution patients of this fact ahead of time. If bruising does occur, you should allow at least a few days for it to subside. Otherwise, cover makeup can be applied immediately after the injection to hide any sort of redness or early bruising.

That said, it’s typically quite challenging to adequately treat the chin crease as this area of the face has very dense dermal collagen and it can be rather difficult to get the deep wrinkle that goes across the upper portion of the chin to lift and disappear. Fortunately, there are other treatment modalities such as erbium laser resurfacing or ProFractional laser treatments that can do a wonderful job in wrinkle reduction and are not only effective, but also permanent.

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