Can You Liposuction Jowls?

Under the care of an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, jowl liposuction is certainly an option that has very little risk.

When performing jowl liposuction, we have to be very judicious regarding the amount of fat that is removed and feather the fat removal along the edges of the proposed fullness to prevent any sort of visual depression. There is little risk of injury to major blood vessels or nerves as long as the liposuction is performed at the appropriate level, just below the skin.

Keep in mind, many patients who feel they are a good candidate for jowl liposuction actually are not as the majority of jowl fat is caused by laxity of the midfacial structures over time. These patients would benefit most from a more surgical approach such as a mini facelift or an extended SMAS deep plane facelift for adequate correction of this concern.

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