How selling lemonade as a 6-year-old began Dr. Andrew Campbell’s lifelong love of entrepreneurship

The Madison opening of the fifth Quintessa Aesthetic Center is the latest extension of Dr. Andrew Campbell’s entrepreneurial spirit, which began when he was a 6-year-old selling lemonade.

Campbell, then a resident of Bloomington, Indiana, made about $5 after transporting a large container of cold lemonade via a toy motorized firetruck to a street corner. Later in junior high, he pocketed about $20 per box after buying full Jolly Rancher candy cartons and selling individual candies to his classmates before his principal told him to stop. As a student at Indiana University, Campbell earned about $1,500 selling T-shirts that he designed celebrating the university’s famous Little 500 bicycle race. While a medical student also at IU, he made more than $1,000 selling water filters on the side.

“So when I got out of residency [at University of Cincinnati], and I was looking for opportunities, I knew I wanted to be in control of the business,” said Campbell, who has been a plastic surgeon in Wisconsin for 20 years, living in Sheboygan until recently moving to Delafield. “I believe in the American Dream, and I am absolutely an American patriot, and I appreciate that I live in a country where I am able to do this.”

Quintessa debuted in Sheboygan, before expanding to Mequon, Delafield and most recently Middleton. Campbell said the Madison location – 250 Corporate Drive – is officially opened as of September 10th.

Campbell said he wants to make the five Quintessa locations incredibly successful, but then has long-term plans of opening as many as 100 spots across the country. His ownership model is a partnership between the Quintessa brand and surgeons who can focus on patients and medical care, while Quintessa’s team of business professionals run the practice’s other facets.

“I have the personality that takes high risk and always pushes for something better,” Campbell said. “We’ve made lots of mistakes over the years, but ultimately became very successful, and I’m now trying to help other surgeons
become incredibly successful in a very competitive field.”

Campbell, the youngest of his siblings, comes from an extremely accomplished family. His older siblings – Janet Clark, Billy Campbell and Elaine Wagner – are a pediatric dentist, anesthesiologist and retired two-star admiral in the Navy, respectively. Clark said her youngest brother has always been “a self-starter, curious, extremely bright and very motivated.” “He is not afraid of failure,” Clark said.

Said Wagner: “I think the four of us were – and probably still are in some ways – pretty competitive with one another. Andrew is both driven and a die-hard perfectionist.  And yes, he’s always been that way.” Campbell also has always been enthralled with plastic surgery. In junior high, he was in a near-fatal car accident when his brother was driving a Camaro that hit a giant pothole that caused the sportscar to veer sideways and eventually smash
into a tree. Campbell, who was not wearing a seatbelt, suffered a fractured right cheekbone and a concussion, but an ENT plastic surgeon’s repairs were so effective that Campbell in medical school occasionally modeled fashion apparel for the prestigious Helen Wells Agency. A longtime artist and builder – he designed his own exotic salt-water fish tank and filtration system in medical school and built a hockey rink in the backyard of his family’s home — Campbell said he’s routinely looked at plastic surgery from an artistic viewpoint to create things with his hands.

“I love the challenge of creating something bigger than myself,” Campbell said. “Why wouldn’t I want to go and do that? If I’ve done it before, why can’t I do it again.”

Wagner recalls Campbell’s attention to detail as a child. As a 3-year-old, she said he drew a bicycle with the handle bars and pedals in perspective. “At around age 5, I remember him drawing a picture of a building that was divided down the middle and colored blue [I think] on one side and purple on the other,” Wagner said. “On the left side there were people standing outside and on the right side there were animals, a dog, a cat and aturtle, as I remember. He told me that when he grew up, he would have a clinic where he would treat people some of the time [in the left half of the building] and animals the rest of the time [in the right side of the building].”

Campbell said his entrepreneurial mind is focused on constantly moving forward and staying positive. His parents were married and divorced twice, and after the second time, when Campbell was 7 years old, he rarely saw his father for the next several years. Eventually the pair would reconcile, and Campbell said it was his “duty to forgive my dad.” But Campbell also uses his childhood experience to spur him to be close to his siblings. Wagner said, in 2008, when she was getting ready to deploy to Kuwait for 12 months, Campbell made arrangements for the four siblings and their spouses to spend a long weekend in Sheboygan. It’s a weekend Wagner said she’ll “remember the rest of my life.”

Campbell also wants to be an active father as possible to the four children, who range in age

from 24 to 12, he has with his wife of 28 years, Heidi. “I really try not to miss anything,” Campbell said. He hopes other surgeons who come under the Quintessa umbrella understand they can have both a successful business and family life. “By creating teamwork among surgeons that would have otherwise been competitors, we can all become highly successful without putting our personal lives in jeopardy from too many hours at work,” Campbell said. “I have what I would consider an ideal career right now. I’d like to share that with other talented and passionate surgeons.”


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