I am looking to have a laser peel done on my face to fix some bad acne scars.

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Question: I am looking to have a laser peel done on my face to fix some bad acne scars. Are there risks of scarring from the procedure, though that would make it ineffective to even go through with this at all?

Answer: There are risks with any laser peel that you could cause scarring, but this type of scarring is very different than acne scarring.  When lasers are used by experienced professionals it is extremely unlikely to create a situation where you would actually cause visible scarring.  Regarding treatment of acne scarring, I personally like the ProFractional by Sciton that we have at Quintessa Medical Spa as I feel it gives us excellent improvement in the acne scars but completely eliminates any sort of risk of scarring from the actual procedure due to the fact that it only injures approximately 22% of the surface area at one time.  The only downside is that we typically bundle this as three treatments spaced approximately a month apart in order to maximize the affect of this acne scarring treatment.

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