I keep hearing that Dysport is supposed to be better than Botox.

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Question: I keep hearing that Dysport is supposed to be better than Botox. Is this true and how?

Answer: I personally have never seen any studies performed that would warrant the claim that Dysport is better than Botox, but I can also say that the reverse is true that there are no studies that would show that Botox indeed superior to Dysport.  Ultimately, they act in very similar ways and their active ingredient is the exact same molecule.  There may be very subtle differences between them but overall they are both extremely safe and reliable and do a very nice job in facial rejuvenation when injected by experienced professionals.  Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference but Botox certainly has an extremely long track record of being extremely safe and reliable and at this point in time Dysport is somewhat of the new kid on the block.  Interestingly, in the very near future we will most likely have another neuromodulator that will be available and it will be interesting to see if there is any significant difference between it and Botox as ultimately the way that the effect wears off has nothing to do with the actual mechanism action of the neuromodulator and therefore more than likely the longevity of any neuromodulator is going to be very similar.  But of course we will not know this for sure until we can analyze the product using patient outcomes.

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