Milwaukee Hair Restoration with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Butz of Quintessa

We’re grateful for many of the traits passed down to us from our parents and grandparents, but thinning hair and baldness… not so much! Quintessa wanted to share one of the latest and successful non-surgical ways to prevent hair loss, restore hair growth, and help with thinning hair!

Using nonsurgical Stem Cell Therapy through PRP combined with hair supplements and prescription products such as Propecia, this can offer one of the most successful ways to prevent hair loss. The can maintain and improve the quality of the hair you have and may prevent you from needing surgery. This is particularly useful for female hair loss, which tends to be more diffuse thinning.

when should i consider hair restoration as a treatment option?

Looking at your parents and grandparents can give you a clue to what you might expect your future hairline to look like.

The nonsurgical preventative options are great to start as soon as you notice hair loss starting. These do require maintenance but can preserve the hairs you have now and slow down your natural hair loss progression.

Surgical options should be approached more cautiously. You only have a limited amount of donor hairs that we can utilize. It’s best to allow the hairline mature some before surgical intervention. However, you don’t want to wait until you’re completely bald.

Dr. Daniel Butz discusses treatment options for both men and women on The Morning Blend in Milwaukee.

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