Is there such a thing as a nonsurgical nose job for a drooped tip?

Yes there is.  Botox or Dysport can be used to relax the muscle at the base of the nose and in the upper lip called the depressor septi muscle that can pull a nasal tip down.  Only a certain percentage of patients actually have this muscle, but is a patient … Continue Reading

Can Botox help headaches and relieve sinus pressure?

Absolutely! Many patients who think they have chronic sinusitis due to significant facial pressure or headaches, oftentimes are really suffering from myofascial pain syndrome or tension-type headaches. And surprisingly, Botox injections can actually improve these kinds of headaches, and in some cases, completely … Continue Reading

Do you recommend Radiesse or Juvéderm for lip augmentation?

In my opinion Radiesse is actually contraindicated for injection into the lips.  Tough Radiesse is a wonderful product for injection into the smile line or into the cheek area, I feel that it is absolutely contraindicated for injection into the lips due to the fact that the material frequently migrates … Continue Reading

Can you recommend an expert in Juvéderm removal?

I am not sure if there truly is an expert at Juvéderm removal, but there certainly seems to be more than enough people placing fillers inappropriately.  With that said, I would highly recommend seeking an injector with a significant amount of experience with the products that you are interested in … Continue Reading

How many units of Dysport are needed for a brow lift?

Botox and Dysport can both be used to relax the muscle along the side of the upper eyelid. This muscle causes the brow to be pulled down and by relaxing this muscle, one can get a small elevation of the brow or a browlift by the use of this Botox … Continue Reading

Is intense pulse light safe if you have a suntan?

The short answer to that question is no, intense pulse light is not safe if you have a suntan; however, it does partially depend on what treatments and what correction you are requesting.  If you are interested in treating pigmented areas on the face, then I would consider it an … Continue Reading

Would you recommend Retin-A or fillers for hollow under eye circles and wrinkles?

Retin-A is a wonderful product that I recommend to virtually every one of my patients; however, I do not recommend it for wrinkle reduction and certainly would not recommend it for under eye hollows. Why is Retin-A bad for the eye area? The skin around the eye is … Continue Reading

Would you recommend Radiesse or Juvéderm for the lips?

I would absolutely recommend Juvéderm for the lips as Radiesse is essentially contraindicated in that location. Due to the fact that Radiesse is calcium based and relatively thick, it tends to create irregularities in the lips and will often migrate and become visible just below the mucosa. Juvéderm, on … Continue Reading

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