Rejuvenate Your Confidence With Cosmetic Injectables

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As we age, our life experience shows on our faces – a line here, a wrinkle there. While these marks are a badge of honor, they can also make us frustrated when we look older than the way we feel on the inside.

Today, simple cosmetic injectables done in a clinic can remove lines and prevent wrinkles from happening in the first place, leaving us with a refreshed, rested and youthful appearance.

Botox and other cosmetic injectables have taken a bad rap over the years. We’ve all seen the result of celebrities misusing injectables: strange-looking puffy lips or overfilled cheeks. When approached responsibly, cosmetic injections can bring about a natural, refreshed look to the face. [contextly_sidebar id=”84w1k3qFhWnEsVuBOXdsMEEQGn7IbuzT”]

Rejuvenated Confidence

It’s a common misconception that these procedures are purely about vanity. A person can have self-esteem issues when their appearance does not reflect how youthful and healthy they feel. Improving lines and wrinkles can, in turn, improve a person’s confidence.

There are two kinds of injectables: Fillers that remove existing lines and wrinkles, and muscle relaxers that prevent future lines and wrinkles from happening.

Filling Lines

Starting around age 30, our body makes less hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar that holds moisture and promotes elasticity in the skin. As the skin’s moisture and elasticity decreases, lines and wrinkles begin to show on the face. Hyaluronic acid fillers are injected into those lines to enhance volume, give structure and support to the mid-face, and erase wrinkles caused by the muscles that frown, smile, and raise eyebrows.

Preventing Lines

Cosmetic injectables with brand names like Botox and Dysport work on the dynamic movement of the face to prevent fine lines from forming. These injectables soften and relax muscles that cause these wrinkles to form. When done properly, the muscles still move naturally, resulting in a genuine appearance.

The procedure is easier than most people think and performed in a clinic with no downtime. Small dots at the injection sites may show for about an hour and bruising is rare. Results are often apparent immediately, but it takes about two weeks to see the full outcome.

Dysport Before and After


We all want to look as good as we feel. But in the case of wrinkles, we may fear judgement for spending money on ourselves or being labeled ‘vain.’ However, caring about our appearance does not mean we are conceited or narcissistic. The way we look is an important part of our identity. When we are able to match our appearance with our internal sense of self, we can achieve self-harmony.

Learn More About Cosmetic Injectables

Based on your goals, Dysport, Botox, or other cosmetic injectables might be the best fit for you. Learn more about our most popular injectables on our dedicated service pages.