A Simple Day Surgery Can Match How You Look With How You Feel

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Our faces are billboards. When we meet someone new, it’s the initial thing they notice about us, a snap impression of who they think we are. We generally develop our sense of self by age 25. As we age, changes in our skin’s chemistry cause our face and neck to sag and develop extra folds. While these changes are completely natural and acceptable to many people, others are unhappy that their appearance is inconsistent with how they feel about themselves and who they are inside. This can create an awkward disconnect between our outward and our inward identity.

Extra eyelid folds, sagging jowls, and other changes due to aging can give the wrong impression that we’re tired or unhealthy. Simple day surgery, also known as outpatient surgery, done in a clinic can rejuvenate the face and neck, dramatically improving our self-image.

Common myths can serve as a barrier to pursuing plastic surgery. Beliefs that it’s exclusively for celebrities or the vain, or that it is too expensive and complicated for the average person obscure the fact that facial surgery is relatively simple and readily available.

About 90 percent of all facial plastic surgeries today are done as a day surgery under local anesthetic in an office, not an operating room. Recovery time and discomfort are typically minimal. There are several common surgeries that can make an immediate difference in your appearance.

Eyelid Lift Before and After


Eyelid Lift
One of the first signs of aging appears in our 30s: extra skin folds in the upper eyelids. These folds or droopy eyelids may make you look tired or angry, which can be frustrating when you feel energetic and enthusiastic. An eyelid lift can rejuvenate the face, making it look brighter, naturally alert and more awake.

You may be surprised by how simple an eyelid lift really is. It involves local anesthetic, removal of the extra eyelid skin, and some small sutures. Then you can go home. Simply ice the area for a day and you can continue life normally without any pain medication or antibiotics.

Jawline Contouring
We expect our grandparents to have droopy or loose skin around the jaw and neck. But a surprising number of much younger people suffer from this as well. Jawline contouring is a common same-day surgery done in our 40s or 50s that can alleviate or prevent sagging around the jawline with relative ease.

Once local anesthetic is applied, skin is cut and tucked along the hairline and behind the ear to prevent any sign of scarring. The results are apparent right away, creating a more defined jawline and naturally lifted skin. The goal is to make the face look genuinely beautiful, not “plastic” or artificial and stiff.

After the procedure, a wrap of gauze for a light pressure dressing is applied. Then you are free to leave the office. Some clients even drive themselves home or to work immediately after the outpatient procedure. Longer hair and a silk scarf can cover much of the gauzed areas. In most cases, the wrap can be removed the next day.

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