I would like to have laser hair removal of these fine hairs.

Question: I am 54, female, and I have extremely fine white hairs on my neck. Some get really long, over 2 inches. I would like to have laser hair removal of these fine hairs. Can this be accomplished in 1 day or does this type of hair removal require more visits?

Answer: Any type of hair removal cannot be performed in a single visit since hairs grow in various stages and only during the hair’s growth phase is it susceptible to injury by a laser hair reduction system. With that said, white hairs are extraordinarily difficulty to eradicate due to the fact that they do not have any pigment in them and this is what most of the laser hair removal devices target. There are possibilities with the YAG laser to reduce light-colored hair or in your particular circumstance I might even recommend electrolysis. Darker-colored hairs; however, are typically treated very successfully with laser hair removal systems.

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