Breast Reduction Surgery

Achieve a more youthful look and improve your confidence for years to come with a breast reduction surgery from Quintessa. Often accompanied with a breast lift, breast reduction surgery involves moving the heavy tissue on the sides and bottom of the breasts to improve your look and natural appearance. How long does it take to recover from breast reduction?
  • Breast reduction surgery has minimal recovery time – most patients are back to their normal routine within one week

Why Breast reduction surgery

If your breasts have lost form over time or do not have the proportionate appearance you desire, a breast reduction surgery may be the right option for you. This procedure is often accompanied by a breast lift to achieve the most natural and aesthetically pleasing looking possible.

The breast reduction surgery

First, patients will meet with Dr. Daniel Butz to discuss their specific needs and concerns.

During the surgery itself, our surgeons will reduce the weight of your breasts by removing the heavy tissue on the sides and bottom of the breasts. They will then surgically lift the breasts back up, to reveal a more youthful position and give you years of confidence.

Breast reduction recovery

Recovery following a breast reduction surgery is usually quite minimal. It is recommended that you avoid sleeping on your stomach for 1-2 weeks. The sutures are usually removed in 7-10 days and most people are able to return to work and their everyday lives within that time as well.


For men looking to reduce the overall size of their chest, we provide the following procedure to treat swollen breast tissue:

Also referred to as gynecomastia, swollen breast tissue in males is caused by hormonal imbalance and can be treated with a specific male breast reduction procedure. Just as we do with our female patients, male patients will also consult with Dr. Butz to determine what the issue is and whether male breast reduction surgery is required.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost

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Before & After


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Realself Q&A

What are the side effects of having a breast reduction?

Every surgery has risk and potential for complications. Breast reduction is typically very well tolerated. Complications can range from small wound healing issues to bleeding and hematoma that require surgical washout, fat necrosis or nipple necrosis. The most common complication is a small wound at the T junction. This is the point at the base of the breast where the incisions come together. Typically, this heals without consequence over 1-2 weeks. In general, the larger the breast the more likely that there will be a complication. Smoking and diabetes are two other major risk factors. Quitting smoking and optimizing glucose control is essential to minimize complications.

How do you get rid of breast reduction scars?

Scarring is a very common concern following breast reduction. In a very small subset of breast reduction patients, you can consider liposuction. Typically, this is best for a young patient with good skin elasticity who only needs a small reduction. This is not meant for large volume reductions. The scarring will vary depending on how much skin and breast tissue needs to be removed. The scars do heal well overtime and there are products that can help them fade/blend faster.

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