Neck Lift Surgery

The patients that can benefit from a neck lift procedure are those who have sagging and/or wrinkling of the neck and a loss of separation between the neck and the chin or jaw. A neck lift can remedy this situation by tightening the underlying muscles to lift the neck plus improve or sharpen the contour of the jawline.

The neck lift is performed by the excellent Dr. Daniel Butz and Dr. Campbell, a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Quintessa. For select patients who want a way to maintain a youthful look and improve the look of their neck and jawline, this procedure is an amazing option.

Why neck lift surgery

As we get older, the skin on our neck can lose its elasticity and sag. This can often makes us look much older and age our faces. The patients that can benefit from a neck lift procedure are those who have sagging and/or wrinkling of the neck and a loss of separation between the neck and the chin or jaw. A neck lift can remedy this situation by tightening the underlying muscles to lift the neck plus improve or sharpen the contour of the jawline.

The Neck Lift Procedure

Before neck lift surgery, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Butz will discuss the patient’s medical history and perform a thorough examination of the neck and chin area. This allows him to create a plan for the reshaping of these problem areas. The best candidates for a neck lift are those who are in generally good health and who have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about the outcome. Sagging of the neck may be due to age but may also be a result of significant weight loss or simple heredity.

Our doctors typically perform the outpatient neck lift procedure at the outpatient surgical center in around an hour. General anesthesia will be administered for the traditional neck lift, or local anesthesia, for a very minimal lift.

Performed on its own, the neck lift involves a submental incision located under the chin. This tightens the platysma muscles directly. When performed as part of the facelift, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Butz will create a submental incision as well as the SMAS deep plane facelift incision located in front of and behind the ears and along the hairline. Our doctors prefer to make as little of an incision as needed to gain the desired effect.

Dr. Campbell and Dr. Butz will often sculpt the fat deep to the muscle, then make some releasing incisions in the muscle on each side near the voice box to better define the neckline. Liposuction may also be used on the underside of the deeper layers of the skin. Incisions are then closed and bandaged to suspend and hold the tissues in their new, higher position. If needed, drains will be placed at this time before bandaging the wounds.

Neck lift Recovery and Results

After surgery, our doctors will place a pressure dressing that will wrap around the patient’s head and underneath the chin. The neck area may feel tight and sore as the anesthesia wears off. It may also show even more swelling and possible bruising over the next 3 days. The patient may remove dressings the day after surgery and an elastic sling should be worn as much as possible for the first week. Sutures will be removed 6-7 days after the procedure.

Most patients can return to non-strenuous work after 5-10 days. However, for the first several weeks after surgery, patients should avoid bending over, lifting heavy objects, and even turning their head from side to side. Patients will also have to sleep with their head elevated for one or two weeks. These guidelines can vary widely based on the patient’s personal health, the techniques used, and other variables. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations.


Dr. Campbell and Dr. Butz often perform neck lift surgery in conjunction with other surgeries to enhance the patient’s results. These procedures can include a facelift to correct sagging of the mid and lower face, a brow or eyelid lift to correct “tired” looking eyes, a chin implant or liposuction under the chin to improve the contour of the jaw line, or skin resurfacing procedures (i.e., laser resurfacing or chemical peels) to improve the overall look and feel of the skin. Our doctors may also recommend using BOTOX® injections or wrinkle fillers to further enhance the surrounding areas.


Dr. Andrew Campbell, Dr. Butz, and their team of licensed expert medical providers give you the attention you need and the confidence you deserve through customized state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical specialty treatments. At Quintessa, we believe that beauty begins with strong relationships; that’s why our team of caring, licensed medical specialists will get to know you first, then gently guide you toward the treatments that will achieve your ideal beauty. To learn more about why you should choose Quintessa, call today and schedule your consultation!


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Realself Q&A

Dr. Andrew Campbell - RealSelf Q&A

Are drainage tubes used for neck lift surgery?

I perform different styles of neck lift procedures on patients depending on his or her particular anatomy. Sometimes I use a suction drain that I remove the following day and other times I just simply place a pressure dressing. There is no scientific evidence that either will prevent a collection of fluid, but if I am performing a rather extensive surgery, I feel better leaving a drain in. Ultimately, if you had fibrotic firmness in the area of the drain afterward, I would inject some dilute steroid and this would soften.

Is post-surgery tightness permanent?

Neck lift patients frequently feel a tightness under the chin following surgery due to the lift that has been achieved with the procedure. Since neck lifts are designed to treat laxity, this is actually a good thing as long as the tension is placed in the deeper tissue (SMAS) and not the skin. This sensation of tightness subsides over the first few weeks and should not be permanent.

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