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Katelyn Peters

Coolsculpting Provider

Katelyn Peters

Katelyn Peters

Katelyn Peters is a Medical Esthetician in the state of Wisconsin and a Certified Coolsculpting Expert. She graduated from the Mequon-Thiensville School of Esthetics and has been in practice since 2011.

As the leader for Coolsculpting in the Midwest region, Katelyn was invited to join the elite Allergan Faculty in 2017. As a faculty member, Katelyn travels the country training other medical professionals on how to properly perform Coolsculpting on patients. She also attends annual meetings in San Francisco to offer her input and is informed of any upcoming Coolsculpting products and technology advancements.

Katelyn holds the fine distinction of being one of the founding developers of the Coolsculpting Masters Class, a course in which many, but not all Coolsculpting providers attend. Which means no matter where you go for treatment, Katelyn helped develop the program for how you should be treated.

Above all, Katelyn strives to provide exceptional service and produce incredible results through non-surgical body treatments. Being patient and understanding, Katelyn listens to her patient’s needs and effectively educates them on the best course of action. Nothing makes Katelyn happier than to see a satisfied patient after a successful treatment.

As Katelyn continues her journey with Quintessa, her true passion lies in growing Coolsculpting within the practice and expanding to areas where she can share her love of non-surgical body treatments. Katelyn believes her knowledge and staying current with the Coolsculpting products allows Quintessa to remain the leading Coolsculpting experts in the Midwest region.

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