Our Mission
To our Clients: The team approach at Quintessa® Aesthetic Centers offer a complete line of aesthetic treatment options that allows you to achieve the look of your dreams. Through an extremely organized and consistent patient-centered encounter, using highly customized treatment plans, created and implemented by our well-educated and experienced staff, a trusting relationship can be created and these lofty goals can be reached. The patient “experience” is paramount; we will treat you the way we would like to be treated. We realize that our clients are beauty investors for life. To our Staff: Quintessa® Aesthetic Centers offers a safe, positive, truthful environment with many rich educational resources that will allow your expertise to continually grow and your well-being to flourish. Our team approach benefits you greatly and helps you move closer to becoming the person you want to be or achieve the goals you want to achieve. Our staff are invested in aesthetics for life. To our Community: Quintessa® Aesthetic Centers are dedicated to being the leader in the advancement of aesthetic services and will continually provide excellence, integrity, education, and leadership through the highest level of care while we travel the path of constant, never ending improvement and innovation. We are invested in our community for life.
The continued and growing success of Quintessa® Aesthetic Centers is guided by a unique vision by Dr. Andrew Campbell of providing rejuvenative confidence to all through technology and compassionate care. Combining this vision with a carefully cultivated team of forward thinking professionals who have intimate experience with sales oversight and guidance, superior and visionary operations leadership, and complex creative marketing strategies, the leadership team of Quintessa has taken what was once a small practice, to a promising collection of aesthetic centers with rejuvenative solutions for all.
Quintessa Aesthetic Center
10604 N. Port Washington Rd.
Mequon, WI 53092
Phone: (262) 242-7772

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