What is Vanquish?

Body ContouringEveryone is different in the way the body processes and distributes fat. For some people, the fatty tissue gathers and accumulates around the stomach and midsection, and no amount of dieting, fasting or aerobic activity seems potent enough to get rid of it.

Yes, it’s frustrating – especially with all those TV ads touting "fat-busting" products promising fast and lasting results. Liposuction is the proven surgical method to reduce stubborn fat cells in problem areas, but not everyone is a candidate for the procedure or wants it.

‘Vanquish’ Stubborn Fat?

Vanquish is a new technology that kills stubborn fat cells with the aid of high-frequency radio wave energy. It uses a special machine that is placed directly over the problem area without ever touching the skin. The machine measures the patient’s body fat percentage and then calculates the amount of radio wave energy required for an effective 30-minute treatment session.

How Does It Work?

The patient simply lies flat on a surgical table as the Vanquish machine heats the skin to 101 degrees and the subcutaneous fat cells to 120 degrees – the temperature at which they die from thermal injury. The focused field of radio frequency energy won’t harm the surrounding skin or muscle tissue, however. Patients will feel only a mild warming sensation during a single treatment session. Temporary side effects include slight reddening or swelling of the skin.

Because Vanquish destroys fat cells the patient is able to enjoy lasting results at a reasonable cost in as little as four weekly sessions. In fact, studies show that patients were able to shed inches from their mid-sections using the Vanquish method and that results surpassed their expectations. View Vanquish results in the before and after photo gallery.

The Skinny on Fat Reduction

According to the Gallup-Hathaways Well-Being Index for 2013, the adult obesity rate was 27.2 percent, a full percentage point higher than 2012. No matter how you slice it, Americans are getting fatter and unhealthier due in large measure to lifestyle choices.

Many people are breaking away from the obesity trend and striving for a healthier appearance. It’s not an easy task, getting rid of stubborn fatty deposits and those unsightly "love handles" that took years to develop. However, Vanquish can help you lose the fat and regain a fitter, healthier appearance.

As with any new cosmetic technique or procedure, you should talk first with a board certified plastic surgeon to see if Vanquish is the non-surgical procedure that’s best for you.

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