Quintessa Aesthetic Centers have finally created a simplified option to save you money on premier Dysport® & Botox® injections. It’s never been easier  to save with our all new year-round, Bank Your Botox & Dysport® program.

Now you have the ability to pre-pay for your Botox® or Dysport®and save with our incredible $10 per unit pricing option. There are no smoke and mirrors with Bank Your Botox and Dysport at Quintessa. It is our goal to make your experience as seamless as possible and earn your trust as a patient for life.

NOTE ON PRICING: 1 Unit of Botox® is equal to 3 units of Dysport®. The way we treat our patients is with an equal ratio of effective units for our patients. This means if you choose to have a Dysport® treatment, you will receive 3 units for every 1 unit of Botox® you might normally receive. Effectively creating optimal results at an equal price point to that of Botox®.

We charge a standard rate of $12 per unit for Botox, and $4 per unit of Dysport® (x3 units).

What makes Quintessa different?
  • No inflated injectable pricing based on “the experience level” of our injectors.
  • Quintessa only employs injectors that are Registered Nurses and Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.
  • Quintessa Injectors are trained by Dr. Andrew Campbell, one of the nations most recognized facial plastic surgeons.
  • No overly-complicated VIP programs with tiered botox pricing structures.
  • All new standard $12 per unit Botox & Dysport pricing. 365 days a year.
  • Bank Your Botox can be combined with Brilliant Distinction Awards and Promotions
  • Bank Your Dysport® can be used with Galderma’s Aspire Rewards. Sign Up Today and get an instant $20 treatment certificate!
  • The only commitment you are making is to yourself and your confidence. No contracts. 

Ready to Bank Your Botox or Dysport? Fill out the form below and Begin Your Quintessa Story.

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Individual results may vary. Botox® Injections should not be administered to women who are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, are nursing or who may want to begin nursing. Please consult a registered injector nurse or physician to find out if Botox® injections are right for you. Minimum of 90 units must be purchased to qualify for $10.00 unit rate of Botox under the Bank Your Botox Program. Minimum of 270 units must be purchased to qualify for $10.00 unit rate of Dysport under the Bank Your Dysport Program.