Mini Facelift: Procedure, Recovery & Results

The mini facelift is one of the most commonly performed procedures at Quintessa. For select patients who want a way to maintain a youthful look or to improve the look of their lower face, jowls, and laxity under the chin, this procedure is an amazing option.

The mini facelift is one of the most commonly performed procedures at Quintessa. For select patients who want a way to maintain a youthful look or to improve the look of their lower face, jowls, and laxity under the chin, this procedure is an amazing option.

what is a mini facelift?

A mini facelift is an excellent procedure for making quick, subtle changes that can help slow the aging process. The lifestyle lift can improve the appearance of the neck, lift the jowels and create a more youthful looking face. The procedure is popular among both men and women. It is especially done in younger patients because it can reduce the appearance of aging later in life and maintain a youthful appearance.

The Mini lift procedure

A mini facelift is performed under local anesthesia in the office. The procedure takes around two hours and has a shorter recovery time than facelift surgery. The procedure is similar to a traditional facelift, however, the procedure is quicker and incisions are fewer and smaller. Our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Campbell, along with the expertise of Dr. Daniel Butz, can customize a mini facelift procedure for his patients to address select problem areas, such as early jowling and mild laxity under the chin.

Mini facelift recovery and results

Patients emerge from the procedure with a refreshed, youthful appearance, without looking like they have undergone surgery. The recovery time is about a week. However, some patients are resuming to their normal lives before the sutures even come out. In general, patients can expect a shorter down time with a mini facelift than they would experience with a full facelift surgery.

How long does a mini Facelift Last?

After the recovery period, the results will last for a very long time, if not for the rest of the patient’s life.

What is the cost for a mini facelift?

Mini facelifts cost less than your standard full facelift for several reasons. One reason is that mini facelifts are typically performed in-office setting under local anesthesia, therefore, there is no need for the cost of a surgical center, hospital, or anesthesia provider. Secondly, a mini facelift is exactly what it sounds like: a miniature version of a standard facelift. As such, mini facelift procedures typically take much less time, are less technically difficult, and are not nearly as sophisticated as some of the more advanced techniques we apply to the face.

Why choose Quintessa for a Mini Lift

Quintessa’s team of licensed expert medical providers give you the attention you need and the confidence you deserve through customized state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical specialty treatments. At Quintessa, we believe that beauty begins with strong relationships; that’s why our team of caring, licensed medical specialists will get to know you first, then gently guide you toward the treatments that will achieve your ideal beauty. To learn more about Quintessa or mini facelifts, begin your story today and arrange your consultation!


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Realself Q&A

Dr. Andrew Campbell - RealSelf Q&A

Mini Facelift vs. Full Facelift: Which is Best?

Everyone's face is different, and as such, there are some patients that are great candidates for a mini facelift and some that are better off having full facelift surgery. If a person can get a perfect result with an in-office mini facelift, then there’s no need to take them to an operating room for a full facelift procedure. At the same time, if a person's anatomy is such that a mini facelift will never give them ideal results, then a full facelift might be the best option. The bottom line is there are several different ways to perform a facelift and an experienced facelift surgeon should know them all. That surgeon will be able to evaluate you and determine if you are a great candidate for a mini facelift, or if you would be better served by a more sophisticated form of a full facelift. Also, other areas of your face may determine what kind of procedure is performed. For instance, if you need a mid-facelift and a lower facelift, you may be better off getting a deep plane facelift that can treat both at the same time. If you have low set brows, you may need an endoscopic brow lift along with the facelift. Most patients have signs of aging in all areas of their face, including the brows, eyelids, cheeks and lower face. In order to preserve facial harmony, it is common to perform multiple procedures all at the same time in order to create an extremely natural, yet very youthful appearance. This could include a brow lift, upper eyelid lift, lower eyelid lift, mid-facelift, full facelift, and even laser resurfacing, all at the same time. When you team up with an experienced plastic surgeon, you’ll be able to discuss all mini facelift options and choose what best fits your budget and lifestyle.

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