Tumescent Liposuction, Submental Liposuction & Liposuction for Men

If you want a more sculpted body, liposuction could be the solution for you. Using this proven cosmetic procedure, Dr. Daniel Butz will remove excess fat deposits from your chin, neck, abdomen, back, arms, butt, hips or thighs. Liposuction can improve contours and enhance how you and others see your body. Please contact us today for your discreet consultation. A new you is right around the corner.Liposuction recovery:
  • Expect numbness and swelling on the abdomen for up to 2-3 weeks
  • Avoid rigorous exercise for at least 2 weeks


Liposuction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. It is a minimally invasive procedure that removed unwanted fat and can be used to help shape and sculpt the body.

Areas commonly treated include:

  • The abdomen
  • The flanks
  • The back
  • Lateral breast
  • The arms
  • Under the chin
  • The hips
  • The thighs
  • The upper arms

By removing unwanted fat and sculpting your body you can achieve a firmer and leaner silhouette. The removed fat can also be processed and placed in areas that may need it! The most common areas for fat transfer are the breast, buttock and face.

Liposuction is frequently combined with the following procedures:

Keep in mind, liposuction alone is not an effective means for weight loss. A stable diet and exercise regimen is recommended to be in place prior to having any liposuction performed. It is best to be at a stable healthy weight.

Best Candidates for Liposuction

Ideal candidates are healthy men and women who desire improvements in the following:

  • Excess abdominal fat
  • Improved abdominal contour

Preparing for your liposuction Procedure

As with any procedure, you should stop any medication or supplements that are not essential for 10-14 days prior to decrease your risk of bleeding complications. Please refer to your list of medications to avoid and always check with your Doctor prior to stopping medications.


Liposuction requires small incisions to remove the unwanted fat through. Dr. Butz will hide these carefully to minimize scarring. Our doctors will discuss the details of the procedure with you during the consultation.

Postoperative Planning

Liposuction is usually performed in an accredited outpatient surgery center with the assistance of an anesthesiologist. A compression garment will be in place for the first 6-8 weeks after the procedure. You may have some numbness and swelling on the abdomen for several weeks to months. This is normal and will improve with time. You should avoid rigorous exercise for at least 2 weeks and avoid lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk. We always encourage you to be up and walking several times throughout the day.

Location: Outpatient. Possible overnight.
Recovery Time: 2-3 weeks

Submental Liposuction

Neck fullness related to extra fat under the chin can be a troublesome area for many people. It is commonly related to genetics and resistant to diet and exercise. Fortunately, it can be easily removed with liposuction and dramatically improve the profile view and jawline. The healing process can also tighten the skin and lead to a long-lasting result. If there is severe skin laxity or redundancy a neck lift may be more appropriate to give you the result you’re looking for.

Newer injectable products, such as Kybella, can be effective for minor fat deposits but Liposuction is still the gold standard and produces a more dramatic effect.

is submental liposuction right for me?

Ideal candidates are healthy men and women who desire improvements in their appearance and profile related to excess neck fullness or a double chin.

how does this technique differ?

The submental liposuction procedure is performed using 1-3 small incision placed behind the earlobes and underneath the chin.

Submental Liposuction Recvoery

Following submental liposuction, you may experience some bruising and swelling that will subside in 24-72 hours. You will wear a neck strap for 5-7 days to help hasten the recovery, reduce the bruising and improve the overall result. There may be some numbness of the neck skin but this will return with time. Head elevation and icing can help minimize bruising and swelling.  Most people have minimal pain and are ready to be social in 5-7 days. You should avoid rigorous exercise for at least 2 weeks.

Location: Outpatient
Recovery Time: 5-7 days.

Liposuction for men

Liposuction is not only for women. Men have become increasingly more accepting of these powerful tools to remove unwanted and stubborn fat pockets. It is essential that your surgeon recognize that men are not shaped like women when considering body contouring procedures.

Some men also like high definition body sculpting, an advanced micro liposuction technique used to remove small quantity of fat and provide muscle definition. This is best performed circumferentially on the upper torso to shape the chest, abdomen, arms and back muscles.

To learn more about liposuction, schedule a consultation today to discuss your concerns and explore your potential treatment options.


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Realself Q&A

Does liposuction work on thighs?

Yes, liposuction works on both the inner and outer thighs. Everyone carries their fat deposits a little differently so it's critical for your plastic surgeon to examine you and determine how best to perform liposuction on your thighs. When treating the inner thighs for example, we may end up taking out fat from a different area than we would with the outer thigh. For best results, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon and have them perform a proper physical exam and discuss your goals and options.

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