Brighter Look with Eyelid Lift Surgery

Your eyes are probably your favorite feature. Ours too!

You deserve to shine brightly and gain confidence from your eyes -- but if you are self-conscious about droopy eyelids, wrinkles and bags then we can help. Clear up droopy eyelids and under-eye bags for a more youthful appearance with an eyelid lift from Quintessa in Southeastern Wisconsin. An eyelift will remove signs of aging and correct inherited traits such as under-eye bags and droopy eyelids, brightening your appearance. Under-eye surgery involves removing or repositioning excess skin, fat and muscles around the eyes.

Recovery from eyelid lift surgery is quick, but the results can last a lifetime. Sutures are removed in three to four days and any minor swelling or bruising is usually gone within a week.

Plan your procedure

Type of Procedure Surgical
Recover Time 3-4 days
Procedure Time 1 hour
Recovery Information Out-patient, full recovery is about 1 week

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Eyelid lift surgery can help enhance your appearance if you have:

  • Signs of aging around your eyes
  • Inherited droopy eyes
  • Developed bags under your eyes

Droopy eyes that have resulted in vision impairment can be corrected with an eyelid lift. This type of surgery may be eligible for coverage by medical insurance.


First, one of Quintessa’s greater Milwaukee and Madison area eyelid lift surgeons, Dr. Daniel Butz or the double-board certified Dr. Andrew Campbell, will examine your eyelids and identify any signs of excess skin and inflammation. Our doctors will also study your medical history to determine the best solution and tailor it to your specific desires

Next, our surgeons will make small incisions along natural skin creases resulting in the smallest amount of scarring possible. They will then remove and reposition excess skin, fat, and muscle to illuminate your face for a more vibrant and youthful look without producing the “hollow” appearance that comes with overaggressive treatment.


Quintessa’s expert service results in a short recovery time so you can get back to your daily routine as soon as possible. Patients are often able to return home on the same day as their surgery, sutures are removed in three to four days and most minor swelling and bruising will dissipate within one week.

You will notice the improvements from your under-eye bags surgery almost immediately and the results can last a lifetime. Overall, you will see a refined look with a younger firmer-looking eye area that radiates to the rest of your face.

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