Revealing Reviews with Dr. Andrew Campbell of Quintessa and hosted the first ever RealSelf Business Advisory Board meeting in an effort to continue their two-way dialogue with diverse and experienced representatives from the aesthetics provider community. Dr. Campbell was honored to be one of the nine board members who attended in Seattle! Thanks so much to RealSelf … Continue Reading

Meet Your Aesthetic Resource Advisors

At Quintessa, it is our goal to bring you the the most prestigious experience and leave you smiling from ear-to-ear from the moment you pick up the phone to the moment you walk out the door.  Our front-line warriors, Katie and Jamie, have been hand … Continue Reading

How to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

Do you follow a strict diet and exercise plan but still have a noticeable double chin? Many people struggle with getting rid of excess fat underneath their chin no matter what they do. Unfortunately, this accumulation of excess fat underneath the chin is oftentimes an inevitable genetic issue. If you … Continue Reading

Everything You Needed To Know About Getting Lip Filler with Emmy Bre

See our incredibly talented and absolutely stunning patient, Emmy Bre, discussing her experience getting lip filler at Quintessa with our Registered Nurse Injector, Brandi. Emmy discusses everything from what she uses to why she chose to have lip filler!   Contact us to find out if … Continue Reading

Why This Wisconsin Bride Included CoolSculpting & Emsculpt in Her Pre-Wedding Beauty Plan

View this post on Instagram … Continue Reading

Be Inspired Salon Partners with Quintessa Aesthetic Centers in Madison & Middleton, WI

We are overjoyed to share that we have partnered with Be Inspired Salon! Our partnership applies to both of our Madison and Middleton locations! Be Inspired Salon is a luxury beauty salon located in Madison, WI. They specialize in haircutting, hair coloring, hair styling, … Continue Reading

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction: Getting the Results You Want

There are many patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their abdominal area.  Some have had children and others have lost a significant amount of weight. There are also those who have stubborn areas of fat that just won’t go away no matter how carefully they eat … Continue Reading

CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction

What’s the difference between CoolSculpting and liposuction? While both CoolSculpting and liposuction have similar objectives, there are a couple key differences between how we approach our treatment plan for each procedure. Coolsculpting fat reduction vs. Liposuction fat reduction Like CoolSculpting, liposuction is a permanent reduction of fat cells. The … Continue Reading

From fixing knife wounds to helping cancer survivors, surgeon helps patients find peace of mind

For Dr. Daniel Butz, plastic surgery is as much about fixing bodies as it is bringing his patients peace of mind. He spent several hours surgically repairing a patient who had been stabbed multiple times in a Wisconsin parking garage attack. “She had been knifed … Continue Reading

How selling lemonade as a 6-year-old began Dr. Andrew Campbell’s lifelong love of entrepreneurship

The Madison opening of the fifth Quintessa Aesthetic Center is the latest extension of Dr. Andrew Campbell’s entrepreneurial spirit, which began when he was a 6-year-old selling lemonade. Campbell, then a resident of Bloomington, Indiana, made about $5 after transporting a large container of cold lemonade via a toy … Continue Reading