More Sleeveless Days with an Arm Lift

Many older, high-profile women have set the standard that says arms should be fit and toned. In reality, though, this isn't always the case.

Many men and women experience drooping, sagging skin under the arm. This could be due to recent weight loss or as a result of aging, but either way, an arm lift surgery may be the perfect way to revitalize your appearance and bring you closer to your ideal arms. You deserve to stop covering up your arms or feeling self-conscious by "bat wings." You deserve to feel confident and empowered.

An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is completed by removing excess underarm skin. The length and pattern of the incision depends on the amount and location of excess skin that needs to be removed. Our board-certified surgeon, serving the greater Milwaukee and Madison areas, will make sure to recommend the best course of action for you.

Recovery time for an arm lift surgery will depend on your specific situation. Our trained staff will be happy to answer this and any other questions that arise before and after your procedure.

Plan your procedure

Type of Procedure Surgical
Recover Time 1-2 weeks
Procedure Time 1-3 hours, but could be more
Recovery Information Out-patient, can return to work before 2 weeks

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Arm lift surgery is ideal for any patient that has excess skin on the underside of the arms due to weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. This simple procedure can have a tremendous impact both on your physical appearance and self-confidence.


Before undergoing arm lift surgery, you will meet with Dr. Daniel Butz. He will take the time to learn about your desired outcome and answer all your questions. They will then develop the perfect procedure for your unique situation (the laxity of your skin and amount of arm tissue).

The incision area is thoughtfully planned to reduce the appearance of scarring. There are three general grades of incisions depending on the arm lift procedure:

  • limited brachioplasty, for minor arm changes
  • short-scar brachioplasty, for moderate arm changes
  • extended brachioplasty, for drastic arm changes (note that most patients fit into this category)

During the procedure itself, our doctors will carefully remove excess skin following a best-fit plan designed specifically for you. This may include a combination of liposuction to remove any excess fat in the area, if recommended.


Generally, the recovery time following arm lift procedures is one to two weeks. The length of your recovery relies entirely on your unique procedure. During the consultation process, our surgeons will be sure to answer this question as well as any other questions you may have before and after your arm lift.

Arm Lift FAQ's

Am I a good candidate for arm lift surgery?

You might be a good candidate for arm lift surgery if you:

  • You have lost significant amount of weight but have flabby or redundant underarm skin.
  • You have excessive skin laxity due to aging.
  • Your weight isn't fluctuating dramatically and you are not significantly overweight.
How much does an arm lift procedure cost?

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