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Enhance your self-image and improve your overall appearance with a fat transfer procedure from Quintessa. Fat transfer involves using liposuction to remove fat from one area of the body, purifying it and applying the fat to a more desired area like the breasts, butt, or lips.

Patients consider fat transfer procedures if they feel their facial areas have lost volume or appear creased and sunken. -- but want a more permanent outcome than what temporary fillers can provide. It's also a great procedure if for patients who want to improve the contour of their body, smooth out scars or body depressions, or just rejuvenate and volumize very specific areas.

Fat transfer has grown increasingly more popular as a way to simultaneously remove fat from unwanted areas of the body and improve other parts of your appearance. You can learn more at any of our Milwaukee and Madison locations during your first consultation.

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Type of Procedure Surgical
Recover Time Up to 3 weeks, depending on the procedure
Procedure Time 1-2 hours
Recovery Information Out-patient, bruising resolves the first week but it may be 2-3 weeks before you are comfortable returning to work

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What Is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer, also referred to as a fat grafting or fat injection, is a surgical procedure that uses fat from your own body as opposed to dermal fillers, to enhance other areas of your body. It reduces the chance of allergic reactions to foreign substances because it uses your own natural fat as opposed to a foreign substance.

Fat Transfer Procedure

During the fat transfer procedure, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Butz will harvest fat from one part of your body, purify it, then carefully re-inject it into areas that need augmentation the most.

Fat Transfer Recovery Time

The recovery time following a fat transfer procedure depends on your individual situation, especially since a fat transfer can be done by performing a liposuction procedure from a number of locations and transplanting that fat into many different places.

How much does a Fat Transfer Procedure Cost?

Start your Quintessa story with a one-on-one consultation today and learn exactly how much a fat transfer procedure will cost for your unique procedure.

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Fat Transfer FAQ's

Can fat transfer surgery help me hide the appearance of veins?

It is very unlikely that laser vein treatment will get rid of facial or temporal veins due to the fact that there is such a high blood flow in these areas that the laser seldom can reduce the veins significantly to the point where you see a visible improvement. There are, however, other options depending on your skin type. One option is fat grafting that can improve the overall volume in the area and camouflage the veins so that they are less visible. Read more in our "Laser Vein Removal" blog.

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