Breast Aug With Fat

Elevate your appearance and self confidence with a fat transfer breast augmentation from Quintessa.An augmentation with fat means using liposuctioned fat from other parts of your body to support your breast implants.If you have a smaller form, a breast augmentation with fat is a great way to increase the natural appearance of your breasts when getting an augmentation.

Fat transfer breast augmentation recovery:
  • Recovery is as quick as 3-4 days for most patients

WHY A breast augmentation with fat

A fat transfer breast augmentation is a trending surgical procedure that Quintessa offers. In addition to the breast augmentation process, an augmentation with fat includes transferring fat from other parts of the body to the area around the breast to support your breast implants.

The specific procedure is ideal for you if you don’t have a lot of natural soft tissue or if you are a naturally thin individual.

The Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure

Similar to our standard breast augmentation, you will first meet with Dr. Daniel Butz. Dr. Butz will give you all the information you’ll need to consider for this procedure and listen to your specific needs.

During the surgery, Dr. Butz will most likely use an inframammary fold incision along the lower part of the breast. This 1.75 inch incision will hide within the natural fold of the breast, allowing the scar to hide naturally. In addition, Dr. Butz will perform a liposuction fat transfer from another part of your body to the breast area in order to support and provide a natural appearance to your breast implants.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Recovery

After your breast augmentation and fat transfer procedure, you can expect to take pain medicine for 1-2 days and over the counter pain relievers for another 1-2 days. However, some patients may need no pain medicine at all.

You may feel an uncomfortable sense of tightness or swelling around the breast area, which is completely normal. Most patients report that this feeling goes away within a week.

How much does a Breast augmentation with fat cost

Start your Quintessa story with a one-on-one consultation today and learn exactly how much a breast augmentation with fat will cost for your unique procedure.

We would love to help you get started! Our licensed expert medical providers are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Realself Q&A

Dr. Maida Parkins - RealSelf Q&A

Can a female get breast implants and lift at age 58?

Yes! As long as you are in good health, there is no age cut-off for getting a breast lift with implants.

Do I need a breast lift or breast augmentation?

If you are happy with the volume of your breasts but just feel they are too droopy, then a lift will be enough. However, if you want more volume then I would recommend a breast augmentation. Depending on your desired look, you may want to combo a lift along with the augmentation. Some women in my practice choose to have a more ptotic (naturally droopy) look by doing augmentation only and not the lift. I would recommend you find a board certified plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with. Then she/he can help you decide what is best for you. I often have my patients bring photographs of what they would like their breasts to look like so I can offer them the best options that will help achieve their goals.

I was told I would need a crescent lift along with my breast augmentation. Any advice?

If symmetry is an issue, I would recommend at least a periareolar lift or a lollipop lift in combination with your breast augmentation. A crescent lift will not be enough to correct the asymmetry. I think you will be disappointed if you choose a procedure that doesn't give you the result you were hoping for in order to avoid a scar. I suggest you find a board certified plastic surgeon who can go over the options with you and let you know exactly what to expect if a certain type of lift is performed.

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