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Fillers at Quintessa are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally occurring in our body. However, our hyaluronic acid production depletes with age. Filler injections add a bit of volume to certain areas of the face, reducing the look of certain wrinkles. They can can also be used to restore lost volume to the face to create a more youthful appearance.

As injectables and wrinkle fillers become more popular, we’d like to address frequent questions about these treatments. While you can find information about fillers from a number of different sources, in many cases, it’s best to go straight to the surgeon who will be giving you the injection to get the full story.


One fairly common misconception about dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm® and Restylane®, is that they are the same as Botox or that they do the same thing as Botox. In reality, the only similarity between wrinkle fillers and Botox is that they are used to treat wrinkles.

The types of wrinkles fillers are used to treat are different from those treated with Botox. Botox treats wrinkles created by muscle movements, such as the vertical lines that form between the eyebrows and the crow’s feet that form at the corners of the eyes. The active ingredient, botulinum toxin, keeps nerves from sending a signal to the muscles responsible for those movements. After several days pass, the lines created by the movements fade.

The fillers used at Quintessa are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally occurring in our body. However, our hyaluronic acid production depletes with age. Fillers add a bit of volume to certain areas of the face, reducing the look of certain wrinkles. A filler can also be used to restore lost volume to the face, as is the case with Juvéderm Voluma.


Not only do fillers and Botox address different areas, the length of the results from each also differ. Moreover, different fillers create different results, even if they are made from the same main ingredient. For example, Juvéderm and Restylane are both made from hyaluronic acid. However, the composition is slightly different in Juvéderm than it is in Restylane, so the two fillers produce differing results. Restylane typically produces results that last up to six months or so, while the results from Juvéderm can last up to a year. Juvéderm Voluma is an FDA-approved filler, intended to add volume to the mid-face area and toting results that can last up to two years, which is currently the longest for non-permanent fillers on the market.

Generally, results from Botox last between three to six months. Whether you have fillers or Botox, you can maintain your results with well scheduled appointments.


The pain during a Botox or wrinkle filler treatment is typically less severe than expected. Discomfort can be further reduced by a topical anesthetic, applied before the injection, or by having the surgeon use a filler that also contains lidocaine, a type of numbing ointment.


Odds are you’ve seen ads for dermal fillers in some pretty unexpected places. Sometimes, it can seem as though every hair salon or spa is offering injections, often at highly reduced prices.

You really can’t value your own safety too much when it comes to Botox and fillers. For that reason, you should always only see an experienced medical professional for injections. Don’t be afraid to discuss your concerns with our aesthetic nurse during your consultation, such as how often he or she performs the injections, what training he or she has, and so on. Although injections are less invasive than some wrinkle reducing options, keep in mind that they are still a medical procedure and should only be given by a professional.

In Wisconsin, Quintessa Aesthetic Centers, under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Campbell, offers a number of options when it comes to wrinkle fillers and Botox.


Quintessa is proud to be among the top 3% of Allergan Injectable Providers in the United States. 


Realself Q&A

Dr. Andrew Campbell - RealSelf Q&A

What's the best filler for marionette lines?

For the most part, fat grafting is used to volumize the face and is most commonly placed in the cheeks, temples, under the eyes and in front of jowls. Fat can't do much long term for folds or wrinkles, but if you are getting fat in other areas of the face, it would be appropriate to put some in the area of the marionette lines. However, more than likely, even after the fat grafting, you will need some filler in that area to finish the job. If you are only concerned about the marionette lines, I'd recommend filler over fat, and any of the "thicker" HA fillers are fine. I personally use Juvederm, Restylane, or Voluma in that area. I personally have some concerns about any filler that has something in it that is permanent, like Bellafill, due to the fact that if there is ever a problem, the problem can be very difficult to resolve. The HA fillers, while not permanent, can easily be reversed if there was ever a problem.

How do I get rid of a horizontal forehead wrinkle?

Botox typically works great for most patients that are concerned about horizontal forehead wrinkles. It needs to be customized for each individual, but you should not get "droopy brows" from it. Wrinkle fillers can be difficult to use in the forehead because the tissue is so firm and tough. But occasionally someone can be a good candidate for filler in the forehead wrinkles. I'd recommend seeing someone with extensive experience with injectables.

I have seasonal allergies which sometimes result in allergic shiners. Will I have an allergic reaction to dermal fillers?

Once filler is placed under the eyes, it may absorb a small amount of water from the surrounding tissue in the first few days (some filler does this more than others). Once this happens and the appearance is stable, your allergic swelling will not make the filler absorb more water. You will still have your allergic swelling as the filler will not prevent this from happening, but the swelling won't make you look worse after the allergic symptoms have subsided.

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