Multitasking Laser Skin Treatmetn with Broadband Light Therapy (BBL)

Broadband Light Therapy is very popular in the Milwaukee and Madison areas of Wisconsin, and for good reason. You deserve a facial that's been FDA-approved to treat sun damage and aging.

It's a multitasking laser skin treatment, sometimes called a photofacial, that improves the visible signs of aging on the face, neck, hands, and chest and more. BBL is the newest technology that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. It creates short blasts of high-intensity light rejuvenate the skin to have a firmer feel with even tone and texture without surgery or scalpels. It's effective for treating the following conditions:


Pigment issues include brown spots, mild acne blemishes, and photoaging (skin damaged by the sun).


Melasma blemishes are uneven pigmentation of the skin. These issues can be related to prolonged sun exposure as well as hormonal changes in pregnancy.


The gentle photothermal energy works to reduce thin blood vessels and broken small veins and capillaries to diminish the appearance of skin conditions like rosacea.


The therapeutic effects tighten the skin and minimize laxity associated with age and sun damage. In fact, the treatment process is also thought to help to delay skin aging thanks to its collagen-producing action.

Plan your procedure

Type of Procedure Nonsurgical
Recover Time 4-5 days
Procedure Time 1-2 hours
Recovery Information Out-patient, maintain SPF routine

Enjoy Complimentary BBL Laser Treatment with Any Surgical Procedure!

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How Does Broadband light THERAPY work?

Our BBL laser treatment is a very simple process for a variety of needs including laser treatment for sun damage, rosacea, uneven pigmentation, anti-aging, and more. The laser uses broad-spectrum light to heat the upper layers of the skin delicately. This light energy gets absorbed by the melanin found in brown spots and the hemoglobin in visible blood vessels beneath the skin. The light triggers a chemical process that prompts skin cell regeneration and collagen improvement.

After about one hour of BBL laser treatment and 4-5 days of recovery, the result is cleaner and smoother skin that appears more youthful with significant reductions in unnatural-looking pigmentation issues.


Learn more about BBL laser treatment recovery and how to maintain results by reading our aftercare tips. Brown and red spots in the skin caused by sun damage are usually clear within 4-5 days.

How much does BBL laser treatment cost?

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Broadband Light / Photofacial FAQ's

What is the difference between BBL and IPL?

While each machine has its similarities from a technological standpoint, the primary difference between BBL and IPL treatments is in the type of energies that are used. Compared to IPL, BBL laser treatment provides stronger and more customizable energy levels to treat the skin with greater precision. For more advice, read our blog


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