Tone Muscle with EmSculpt

Despite hours at the gym, many men and women are still frustrated by their progress - it's difficult to tone larger muscles, like the core, glutes, and thighs. At the same time, nonsurgical body contouring procedures are typically designed to burn or freeze fat but will not help increase or define muscle.

That's where EmSculpt differs -- it helps tone and build muscle without surgery or downtime. It helps you accomplish you body goals, that much more quickly.

And because muscles need energy to work, an Emsculpt procedure may also reduce some of your exercise-resistant fat and firm the space between abdominal muscles.

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Plan your procedure

Type of Procedure Nonsurgical
Recover Time Same day
Procedure Time ½ hour to 2 hours, depending on areas treated
Recovery Information Out-patient, Results in 2-4 weeks

EmSculpt Before and After

As a leader in bringing patients groundbreaking aesthetic technologies, Quintessa® is proud to announce that it is one of the first in the nation to offer Emsculpt® and the very first in the state of Wisconsin.

Emsculpt is the only non-surgical body contouring treatment in the world that simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat cells. FDA-approved, non-invasive Emsculpt technology helps deliver satisfying results in areas like the buttocks and stomach.


The Emsculpt procedure can benefit men, women, physically fit patients, out of shape patients - virtually anyone looking for a non-surgical body contouring treatment to improve muscle tone and reduce fat. In some cases, Emsculpt can also be a great substitute for surgical options like the Brazilian butt lift.


Emsculpt treatment utilizes state-of-the-art High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology causing the muscles to contract in a way that’s unachievable through normal motion and exercise.

In reaction to these supramaximal contractions, the body adapts by toning and strengthening underlying muscles while burning fat cells at the same time. The treatment is painless and feels similar to experiencing a high-energy workout routine.

Patients can simply lay in comfort as the device gently presses against designated treatment areas. For best results, most patients will require a minimum of four, 30-minute sessions spaced out over a two or three day period.


Like non-invasive CoolSculpting, Emsculpt is a completely painless body contouring procedure that requires no downtime at all. In addition, the treatment requires no preparation or aftercare from patients.


Most patients will feel stronger and more confident as soon as they walk out the door with physical results that show within two to four weeks following treatment.

One of the best things about this clinically-tested procedure is the consistency in its results. Patients can expect to build sufficient muscle tone and burn a noticeable amount of fat in problem areas.

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