Are there any non-invasive cosmetic treatments for the removal of a lipoma?

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No, I am not aware of any non-invasive treatment modalities that can remove a lipoma.

What is a lipoma?

A lipoma is just a benign overgrowth of fatty tissue and like most benign tumors, slowly grows and enlarges over an extended period of time. Any noninvasive modality really would not affect the lipoma in any significant way and it would continue to grow. The only option for treatment of a lipoma is removal.

Will I need major surgery to remove a lipoma?

The only minimally invasive technique that may work would be liposuction through a very small incision. The downside of this technique is that more than likely a small amount of the lipoma would be left behind and over an extended period of time this lipoma would therefore recur.


I have removed lipomas from various areas of the face using endoscopic techniques so that no visible scars would be needed. This involves placing the incision up in the hair and then performing the dissection out to the lipoma via endoscopic guidance using small cameras and specialized instruments. The lipoma then can be removed endoscopically and the small incision in the hair closed with dissolvable sutures. This is a more expensive technique of lipoma removal and only occasionally will insurance cover the additional cost for this technique. It is therefore more commonly performed for cosmetic reasons in patients that are very concerned about a more traditional surgical excision.

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