Everything You Wanted To Know About CoolSculpting but Were Too Afraid To Ask

Coolsculpting at Quintessa

When it comes to how we fit in our clothes or how we feel about our bodies, it’s easy to see why CoolSculpting is so popular. It is an FDA-approved treatment that uses cooling technology to safely target and remove fat cells — it is especially effective on areas that feel resistant to diet and exercise. The benefits to CoolSculpting are big:

  • No surgery and no scalpels
  • Quick appointment with minimal downtime
  • Permanent results
  • Both immediate and long term results

So, what are the biggest questions our patients had? What do you want to know about CoolSculpting? We have gathered some of the most popular questions, that you were sometimes too afraid to ask, and talked to Katelyn Igielski (Non-Surgical Body Coordinator and CoolSculpting Clinical Educator) about the non-surgical procedure. Let’s see what she said!

Is CoolSculpting as easy as it sounds? Marketing makes it feel like the new lunch-time manicure.

CoolSculpting is a very popular treatment, with over 8 million treatments completed worldwide and it becomes more popular every year. It was invented around 2005 and gained FDA-clearance in 2010, at first for reducing fat in the love handles, but since then it has gained approval for additional areas. New technology and new applicators have also made the appointment more comfortable and more convenient for regular people!

Is CoolSculpting “right” for me? Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

Generally speaking, almost all healthy people who want to lose fat and have specific problem areas can achieve great results from treatment with CoolSculpting.

The following list doesn’t disqualify anyone, but we wanted to note that the most dramatic results in the fewest amount of treatments are with patients who are:

  • Within 30 pounds of their body’s ideal weight
  • Living healthy lifestyles

The personalized consultation is so helpful here because once we get to know you, we can tell you how many treatments we recommend to achieve the results you and your unique body are looking for.

I’ve tried so many fad diets and weight-loss trends. What makes CoolSculpting different and how can I set myself up for success? 

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone on your journey to your weight-loss goals and you deserve to feel confident and in love with your body. That means, when you come in for your consultation, we will create a treatment plan that works for you and help you get that plan into place.

Most of the time it consists of two appointments, which we will book during your consultation. The time in between appointments or building up to an appointment is incredibly motivating for most of our patients — so many feel refocused and have newfound energy to clean up bad lifestyle habits, to eat better, to exercise a little more, drink more water, respect your sleep, etc. While you are taking care of “you” at home, I will be taking care of you while you are here. While I remove fat cells, you will be approaching your health from another angle and the combination of both will make the results that much better!

It reminds me of going to the dentist twice a year. In between appointments we brush our teeth twice a day and do our best to floss — if we did not brush our teeth in between appointments, the dentist would be able to tell right? But if you’re taking care of your teeth and making it to all your appointments, your teeth will be even better off!

While CoolSculpting results come over 1-3 months, I will see you in between and I definitely see the magic of CoolSculpting work while you are working on “you” too!

Can you speed up or enhance results from CoolSculpting? Does it help to combine it with other procedures? 

The best thing someone can do to enhance their nonsurgical body-contouring results would be to combine CoolSculpting and CoolTone (Q-Sculpt). CoolSculpting works to reduce fat cells and CoolTone works to enhance muscle tone or strengthen the same area. While both will work perfectly fine on their own, the combination of both treatments together yields a “wow!” result. For more results photos, visit our Before & After gallery.

What do real patients have to say about CoolSculpting?

I had a patient come in that was going through some hormonal changes (as most women do) and she gained 30 pounds. When we met she was very discouraged, but the truth is that most people feel the same way. No one likes to come in to show me the single most insecure thing about themselves — but, I promise I will listen and make it easy!

When she was in the office we discussed all of her treatment options and we came up with a perfect CoolSculpting plan together!

She started her journey with me right away and at first she was nervous — she had read some “horror” stories online — but she left feeling so happy and surprised that it wasn’t as bad as she had read online. She called it “almost too easy” in fact! She came in three months later for her second treatment and in the meantime, she had lost 20 pounds! I was shocked and so was she!

She said that spending money on herself is always hard, and if she was going to do it she was going to change her lifestyle habits as well. Of course, I like to speak to patients about the little things they can do between appointments to enhance their results and I just love seeing how dramatic the transformation is when they do!

We took pictures and she had great results, and she was very excited and eager to have more. When she came back again, three months after that appointment, she had lost her remaining 10 pounds for a total of 30 pounds loss since I met her. Now, this is easier said than done, trust me I know, but this patient’s story is almost the same story I hear from other women who are going through the same thing during this time of their life.

That is why it is my favorite story to tell because it not only shows what one can do for themselves, but the confidence she gained from this experience is the sole reason I do my job — I love it every single day. Empowering men and women to be the best versions of themselves is everything to me! 

Why should I go to Quintessa for CoolSculpting? 

There are a few things that make Quintessa stand out in the world of Coolsculpting. First and foremost, when fat cells are gone with CoolSculpting, they are gone for good. This is usually a good thing, except when an untrained technician is taking from an area it shouldn’t be or when too much is taken out and it then becomes noticeable. You want to make sure your technician has a lot of experience and that they have been doing it for a long time. You also want to make sure they have the most up-to-date equipment and have access to every piece of equipment for the machines as possible, so they can really contour your unique body type.

Did you know that CoolSculpting has a University program and a Master’s class? Obviously, if someone is treating you, you want that technician to have all the knowledge they can behind treatment plans. With that being said, Quintessa is very unique, I have helped develop the CoolSculpting Master’s program with fellow colleagues from across the country. I am one of five people nation-wide that travels and trains other physicians and providers on more extensive treatment plans and I have the choice to help with other clinics’ patients. I have taken that level of knowledge and skill back with me to Wisconsin and provided the same level of training to the team at Quintessa — today, we are some of the best providers around the country!

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