I bruise very easily, and I am worried about the marks that the needles will leave when I have my Juvederm injections.

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Question: I bruise very easily, and I am worried about the marks that the needles will leave when I have my Juvederm injections.  How large are the needles that are used for injections like Juvederm, Botox, and Kybella?

Answer: Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are usually injected with needles varying in size from a 30-gauge up to a 27-gauge needle.  Certainly, if you are concerned about bruising, the injector can use various techniques to try to minimize any bruising such as using the smaller needle as well as a very slow injection technique, as it seems that the slower the injection, the less likely you are to bruise.

We can also provide pressure afterwards and then ice the area for the first 30 to 60 minutes after the injection, and all of these different techniques will help to minimize or reduce the amount of bruising that you will get from a filler injection.

Most patients fortunately do not get any visible bruising from filler injections but I have certainly seen my fair share of patients who can have rather significant bruising from filler injections and, therefore, we employ these techniques to try to minimize their risks.

Other measures you can take to calm bruising after fillers and injectables include:

  • Apply a cold compress to the area before and after treatment. 
  • Avoid foods and medications that could thin your blood or influence your circulation, like pain relievers, vitamin E, and alcohol.
  • Ask your aesthetician about numbing creams that can double-duty as vasoconstrictors.


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