Can you lie down after Botox?

Dr. Andrew Campbell at Quintessa Aesthetic Center

Response from Dr. Campbell:

I personally do not make a big deal about lying down after receiving Botox injections with my patients. I just recommend that they do not hang upside down or aggressively massage the area where we treated for the first few hours after the injection. Essentially, we want the Botox to remain in the area where it was placed. This allows it to diffuse into the muscle fibers in order to perform its function appropriately. We certainly do not want to push or direct the Botox outside of the location where it was placed. The fear is that it would then affect some surrounding muscles as an unintended consequence and complication.

I have personally not seen a patient come back to me after having laid down, massaged or rubbed the area that resulted in getting a complication. Therefore, over the years, I have allowed patients to become more active sooner. They can resume normal activities virtually immediately after the injection of Botox.

Botox Aftercare Do:

  • It’s okay to resume most normal activities, within reason. 
  • It’s okay, even recommended, to move the injected areas for the first hour through exaggerated facial expressions.

Botox Aftercare Don’t: 

  • Don’t get too warm during your first 48 hours after treatment. Avoid tanning beds, sauna, steam rooms, vigorous exercise, hot weather and even alcohol.
  • Don’t use makeup right away after treatment to keep the area clean and avoid your risks of infection.
  • Don’t apply excessive pressure and or encourage increased blood flow at the injection site. This means you should be extra gentle when cleansing or moisturizing your face, and skip facial massages and rolling or pulsing devices.

If you have any specific questions or want additional aftercare tips, please reach out to your care team. Dr. Andrew is a double board certified plastic surgeon and would love to meet you for a facial treatment consultation.

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