What is the best way to lighten dark scars?

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The best way by far to lighten dark scars is to prevent them from getting dark in the first place by wearing sunblock on any sort of injury or incision until it has completely matured, which typically takes six months to a year. If you already have a dark scar, there are several treatment options one being broadband light, which will injure the pigment in the scar and the body’s own natural processes then absorb this pigmentation and lighten the scar. A second option that can be performed in conjunction with broadband light is ProFractional laser resurfacing. This is an erbium laser that vaporizes small tunnels into the skin. These injure the deeper dermis and cause a significant collagen remodeling. This will improve the overall appearance of the scar and in conjunction with the broadband light sunblock and skin care regimen that included hydroquinone, one can expect a very nice improvement in the overall appearance of the scar over approximately a three-month period.

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