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The most common cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation, but there are other breast surgeries women consider like breast reduction and breast lift. There are so many options to help women feel more confident about their appearance.

Breast Augmentation is More Common than You Think

This may sound surprising, but the most common cosmetic surgery is performed on our breasts. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently published a report showing more than 310,000 women and teenagers in the United States underwent surgery to have their breasts enlarged with silicone or saline implants. It's been the number one procedure since 2006.

For many women, breast surgery is more than a self-esteem decision. It's a body image decision. It's about feeling "normal" in your everyday life and wanting an important part of your body to look exactly the way see yourself.

Why do women have breast surgery?

There are so many reasons for women to consider surgery performed on the breasts. Here's what our patients tell us:

  • I want to look better without clothes on
  • I want to fit better and look better in clothes
  • My breasts are too small
  • My breasts are too large and I experience chronic back pain
  • I've experienced dramatic weight loss
  • I have asymmetrical or uneven breasts
  • My breasts changed after pregnancy
  • My breasts are sagging, or have lost shape and volume
  • My breasts are too far apart

What are my options if I want to improve the appearance of my breasts?

There are many types of cosmetic surgery performed on breasts: breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and breast revision. Each surgery offers a different kind of solution for a woman who wants to achieve her ideal look -- but all procedures have natural-looking outcomes.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation incorporates implants that are placed under a chest muscle or over a chest muscle to enhance the size or shape of the breast. The incision can be placed in the underarm area, lower breast fold, or in the area that surrounds the nipple. The implant can be made of either silicone or saline. Nationally, silicone implants are used 88% of the time.

Breast Reduction

Women who have large breasts may turn to breast reduction surgery to treat the strain and discomfort the added heaviness causes. Even with the most supportive bra women still experience neck pain, back pain, fatigue, and even pinched nerves or numbness. Like the name "breast reduction" implies, this procedure removes excess skin, fat, and breast tissue with special care not to lose a natural-looking shape and contour.

Breast Lift

A breast lift procedure involves one of the following options, which a board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss with you:

  • A periareolar lift, known as a donut lift, which involves a simple incision around the areola to cause lift.
  • A vertical lift, known as a lollipop lift, which consists of an incision around the areola as well as a vertical incision from the bottom of the nipple downward.
  • A wise pattern lift or "anchor lift" which is similar to the vertical lift with the addition of an incision at the bottom of the breast.

Breast Revision

Over time, your breast augmentation or other breast surgery may require revision. Maybe your body has changed since the procedure or you've had children. This is a good option for women who want to improve upon a previous breast augmentation or lift, or correct any issues that have developed over time.


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