IPL vs. BBL Laser Treatment for Advanced Skincare

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IPL (intense pulsed light) and BBL (BroadBand Light) are similar machines that use light laser technology to remove browns and reds from the skin. But what makes these laser treatment options different?

To help you decide which option is best for you, let’s explore each treatment in more detail.

What’s the difference between BBL and IPL Treatments?

While each machine has its similarities from a technological standpoint, the primary difference between BBL and IPL treatments is in the type of energies that are used. Compared to IPL, BBL laser treatment provides stronger and more customizable energy levels to treat the skin with greater precision.

Which laser is Better for my skin?

With different filtering capabilities and energy levels, BBL laser treatment typically provides stronger and better results. Patients we treat with BroadBand Light therapy often see a much greater difference in their skin than they’d otherwise see with IPL or similar laser treatments.

IPL vs. BBL Laser for Rosacea

BBL laser uses dual lights (two lightbulbs), providing a more customized treatment for diffusing redness caused by rosacea. With BBL laser, everyone gets a different treatment that best fits their unique skin type. IPL, on the other hand, takes a more uniform approach to rosacea treatment.

For more powerful results, we recommend BBL laser for rosacea.

IPL vs. BBL for Acne

Many of our patients have had long battles with acne. At Quintessa, we help treat acne through a few different treatments – one being BBL laser treatment. We like BBL for acne because we can use it to directly remove any bacteria that you have in your acne, helping the acne go away faster.

In combination with our great medical skincare products, BBL laser treatment is the best choice for getting rid of acne fast, leaving your skin with a nice healthy glow.

IPL vs. BBL Laser Treatment for Brown Spots

In our experience, BBL is the better laser treatment for brown spots than IPL. The treatment is more focused and does a better job of bringing pigment up to the surface so it can flake off, revealing more natural, healthy-looking skin.

When you schedule your consultation with Quintessa, our licensed medical staff will go over your skincare routine and any other skin-related issues you may have so you can get on a treatment plan that’s best suited for your unique needs.

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