A Simple Day Surgery Can Match How You Look With How You Feel

Our faces are billboards. When we meet someone new, it’s the initial thing they notice about us, a snap impression of who they think we are. We generally develop our sense of self by age 25. As we age, changes in our skin’s chemistry cause our face and neck to … Continue Reading

CoolSculpting: A Fat Freezing Treatment for Building Self-Esteem

As we age, fat cells gravitate to spots on our body based on genetics. If your grandma had a belly or your mom had saggy upper arms, there’s a good possibility that you will inherit those traits. With exercise and diet, some fat cells may shrink, but they never go … Continue Reading

My Quintessa Story: What CoolSculpting Is Really Like

My Quintessa Story – Part 4 If you read one of my last posts, you know how big of a decision it was for me to get CoolSculpting and how excited/nervous/jittery I was! During my drive to Quintessa to get CoolSculpting, I called everyone on my favorites list … Continue Reading

My Quintessa Story: Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

My Quintessa Story – Part 3 My last post was all about my CoolSculpting consultation at Quintessa! I shared the experience I had with Katelyn, who is Quintessa’s non-surgical body coordinator and Certified CoolSculpting Expert. Not only has she done CoolSculpting treatments for over 4 years and … Continue Reading

What is Microneedling & What Can It Do For Me?

Michelle Miller is the Aesthetic Coordinator for Quintessa Aesthetic Centers. Here, Michelle is discussing the benefits of Microneedling. What Is Microneedling Like?     … Continue Reading

How To Maintain Your Youth As A Single Working Mom

Original Article Found on Milwaukee Magazine How Can a Working, Newly Divorced Mom Find Time to Maintain and Prevent Premature Aging? There are millions of hard working moms who selflessly give their all to provide for their families while unknowingly neglecting to find time for their … Continue Reading

My Quintessa Story: My CoolSculpting Consultation

My Quintessa Story – Part 2 After making my CoolSculpting consultation appointment at Quintessa, I was a healthy combination of anxious and excited. I couldn’t wait to learn more about CoolSculpting and was excited that it could potentially give my self confidence a boost. I was still a little … Continue Reading

My Quintessa Story: Why CoolSculpting For My Stomach?

My Quintessa Story – Part 1 Hi there! My name is Taylor and I’m a 23 year old professional. When I’m not at work, I’m hanging out with my family or exploring Milwaukee with my three roommates and built-in best friends. I have a pretty typical life for a young twenty-something; … Continue Reading

What is CoolSculpting? Ask Our Expert

About Katelyn My name is Katelyn and I am the non-surgical body coordinator at Quintessa. I have been doing CoolSculpting treatments for four years! If you have questions about “what is CoolSculpting?”, I’m here to help! When the CoolSculpting technology was FDA cleared five … Continue Reading

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