Keep Spider Veins From Returning

Before summer started, you decided to finally do something about the unsightly spider veins on your legs. You had laser vein removal to eliminate the blue and red web-like veins. But, as summer goes on and you enjoy showing off your legs in a pair of shorts or a … Continue Reading

Four Tips for Successful Laser Hair Removal

As summer progressed, you might have gotten sick of picking up a razor and shaving your legs, underarms or other areas of the body every few days. All that shaving can be tiring, especially when you’re spending the day at the beach, take a look at your legs and realize … Continue Reading

Stop Looking Angry With Botox

If you think back to your days in elementary school, you might remember the one teacher who the kids all thought was mean. While you might have done your best to avoid that teacher then, it could have been that the reason all the kids thought he or she was … Continue Reading

Is it Too Late to Undo Sun Damage?

Is it Too Late to Undo Sun Damage? It’s officially summertime, and for plenty of people in Wisconsin and across the country, that means it’s time to spend days at the beach, lying out in the sun. While many think that a tan is a good … Continue Reading

Four Things to Know About Extractions

The components of a facial often differ based on a person’s skin type. Some people benefit from a facial that focuses on moisturizing the skin while others benefit from a facial that helps clear their skin. Extractions are often part of the process when you get a facial, though … Continue Reading

Tired-Looking Eyes? Try Fillers or Botox for Eye Bags

Tired-looking eyes age you more than people usually know. Even if you get a full night’s sleep, you might be the victim of puffy, under-eye bags, or dark circles. Crinkly crow’s feet in the corners of your eyes can also age you. While surgery, namely blepharoplasty, restores a youthful look … Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right Chemical Peel

The goal of a chemical peel is to make your skin look smoother, with fewer blemishes and signs of aging. During a peel, a solution is applied to the skin that causes the top layer to blister and peel away. Typically, a chemical peel is a less invasive option than injections, laser skin resurfacing or other anti-aging treatments. The right peel for you depends on a few things: the type of skin you have, what you are expecting to get from the peel and the amount of time you have for the treatment, recovery and follow-up. Continue Reading

Ready for Summer? Think About Microdermabrasion

Summer is on its way and you're looking for one final way to blast the effects of a cold winter off of your face. If you want a natural glow for the summertime, one way is to try microdermabrasion. The treatment refreshes your skin without a long recovery time and without much discomfort. While microdermabrasion is often recommended for the colder months of the year, you can still have it performed in summer, as long as you take steps to protect your skin afterwards. Continue Reading

What Is Better? Laser Lipo or Liposuction?

Stubborn fat is called stubborn for a reason. No matter how often you exercise or how closely you stick to a healthy diet, stubborn fat sticks around. If you're at or near a healthy weight for your body, but still have areas of unwanted fat on your stomach, thighs, or hips, there are a number of procedures available to help you blast away the fat. While some procedures, such as liposuction, require more downtime and are more invasive, newer options, such as Vanquish, are less painful and will have you back on your feet in less time. Continue Reading

So Many Fillers: Choosing the Right One for You

Dermal fillers can play several roles when it comes to fighting the signs of aging on your face. They can fill in lines or wrinkles, add volume to your cheeks or lips, and fill in shallow areas. The injectable dermal fillers on offer at Quintessa Medical Spa are all made from substances that naturally occur in your body. As you age, your body produces less of some of these substances, which contributes to the signs of aging. Continue Reading