5 Incredible Reasons To Join Q Club

Simply put, Q Club is a different kind of club. Rarely do you come across a club that not only provides extraordinary benefits to its members but also gives back to those in need. That’s special. That’s Q Club. And here’s why you should join. 1. Unheard of … Continue Reading

Chemical Peels at Quintessa

Quintessa’s professionals in Delafield, Madison, Mequon, Middleton and Sheboygan now offer chemical peels to help you look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. What are Chemical Peels? Chemical Peels are widely used tools in the esthetic toolbox, but for most patients, how they work remains a mystery. There are many misconceptions … Continue Reading

5 Fundamentals for Sun Protection

The building blocks for a great summer are pretty simple; anyone can call to mind a shortlist of necessities that make your time in the sunshine memorable.  Number one on anyone’s list should be SUNSCREEN.  What makes the foundation for a good sunscreen can be a bit more mystifying than … Continue Reading

Decoding your SPF

The hot summer sun is out, bathing suits are on, pool floaties inflated, you are ready to go out and soak up the beautiful weather.  Don’t forget your sunscreen! But what kind? UVA coverage? UVB coverage?  What does broad spectrum even mean? The sunscreen isle can be one of the … Continue Reading

Common Botox Facts & Myths Explained

What Does Botox Do? After more than a decade on the market, Botox remains one of the most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments. Despite the injectable’s continued popularity, there are still a number of misconceptions about this treatment. So what does botox do? Botox Cosmetic injections, or botulinum toxin, is … Continue Reading

Common Questions About Latisse

Everyone wants long, full eyelashes, but very few have them after a certain age. In some cases, people have what’s known as hypotrichosis, or inadequate growth of their eyelashes. While there are cosmetic ways to make sparse eyelashes look fuller, from mascara to eyelash extensions, you may want something longer-lasting … Continue Reading

Is Microdermabrasion or a Chemical Peel Best for Your Skin?

Spring is here, and although the temperatures might just be starting to warm up, you’re ready to shed the excesses of winter, from your heavy winter coat to your heavy winter skincare routine. If your skin feels dull or weighed down by dry, dead cells, the beginning of spring can … Continue Reading

Is There a Right Way to Cleanse?

You’ve been doing it for as long as you can remember — probably in earnest since you were a teenager dealing with breakouts. As your skin changes with age, the way you cleanse and the products you use have probably changed. Plus, the advice about facial cleansing has changed over … Continue Reading

How Should You Handle Sensitive Skin?

You were happy to try a new lotion on your face — until you woke up the next day with red, blotchy skin. If you have sensitive skin, you’re probably very familiar with the challenges of using new skincare products or switching from products you’ve used for years. Even … Continue Reading

Wrinkle Fillers: Setting the Record Straight

As injectables and wrinkle fillers become more popular, we’d like to address frequent questions about these treatments. While you can find information about fillers from a number of different sources, in many cases it’s best to go straight to the surgeon who will be giving you the injection to … Continue Reading