10 Winter Skin Care Tips

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Cold winter air brings more than snow and festivities. It also brings dryness that can devastate your skin. This can result in itching and painful cracking and bleeding. In some cases, it may even trigger eczema. Here are ten tips for combating dry skin during the winter.

Get Help

Make an appointment with a dermatologist. They can look at your skin type and provide valuable advice. They can also recommend a prescription lotion to ease the condition.


During the winter, choose an oil-based moisturizer. Oil provides a protective layer for your skin that holds in moisture. However, be sure that it’s made from an oil that won’t clog pores.


Even in winter, the sun can still cause skin damage. Consider using sunscreen on your hands and face before you go outside. When you stay out for prolonged periods, be sure to reapply often.

Keep Hands Moist

Hand skin is thinner than the skin on other areas. This means that they’ll dry out much faster, causing them to become rough and cracked. Always wear gloves in the winter air.

Avoid Wetness

Gloves and socks that become wet will irritate your hands and feet. This can cause them to itch, crack, and bleed.

Get a Humidifier

Forced-air heating, space heaters, and radiators suck moisture from the air and your skin. It’s recommended to run a humidifier during the winter months to protect your skin, as well as your nasal passages.

Foot Lube

In winter, your feet require something more potent than a light lotion. Look for moisturizers containing glycerine or petroleum jelly, and use exfoliants to remove dead skin. Exfoliating will make it easier for moisturizers to penetrate.

Avoid Peels

Dry skin is worsened by harsh products. Instead, use a mild cleaner or alcohol-free toner. Furthermore, try not to use them as often.

Don’t Scald Yourself

Taking very hot baths may feel nice, but they strip your skin of oils and cause it to lose moisture. Try having a warm bath instead, and use a moisturizer immediately after.


This is a nice review article with good recommendations regarding skincare in the winter months. It is true that the colder air cannot hold as much moisture and then when it is heated up for indoor comfort this low-moisture air now has extremely low humidity, which allows loss of moisture from our bodies through breathing and can also directly dry the skin. Good moisturizers, sunblock, and adequate hydration along with humidification of the house air are all excellent recommendations during the winter months. At Quintessa Medical Spa we also tend to see an increase in laser treatments in the late fall, winter, and early spring since these are all good times for patients to come in and rejuvenate their skin. Of course, we are up in the northern part of the United States and this is also a time when most people do not spend a significant amount of time outdoors and, therefore, they can essentially hideout while they are recovering from any sort of an invasive laser procedure.

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