Are there any side effects of using Latisse?

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Question: Are there any side effects of using Latisse?

Answer: Now the most common side effect of using Latisse is some minor pigmentation of the skin of the upper eyelid along the lash line. This can be avoided by blotting the product off of the eyelid skin after the application and blinking. Otherwise, eye irritation is relatively uncommon but can occur and other side effects are extremely unusual. A side effect that is talked about but so far has never actually been seen using the Latisse product is pigmentation of the iris or the colored part of the eye. The only reason this has been discussed is that the eyedrop with the same chemical has been shown to pigment or cause some browning of the iris in patients with green or hazel eyes. It is extremely uncommon but has been documented. Due to the fact that Latisse is not a drop that is placed in the eyeball but actually a product that is placed on the lash line, an exceptionally small amount of the product actually ends up on the eyeball itself and that is why there has not been a witnessed event of iris pigmentation to this date. Overall, Latisse has an exceptionally high satisfaction rate and patients can then go on a maintenance treatment with Latisse to maintain their longer, fuller, darker eyelashes.

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