Can a chemical peel be used to smooth the skin on my upper chest?

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Question: Can a chemical peel be used to smooth the skin on my upper chest? I think years of being in the sun with a bathing suit on has aged this skin. I look pretty bad when I wear a dress or blouse that exposes my chest at all.

Answer: Yes, there are chemical peels that can improve the texture and discoloration of the chest area, but really the only one that is safe to use is a salicylic acid peel and this can take about a week to 2 weeks to recover from. Another option would be to have fractionated laser treatments, such as the ProFractional laser by Sciton in your area of concern. Another, newer option, would be to treat this area with Ultherapy, which is focused ultrasound that can treat the deeper layer of the skin and soft tissue and cause tissue tightening, which can create wrinkle reduction. This is a new technology and certainly a new indication for this technology that we have had relatively good success with at Quintessa Medical Spa.

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