Does CoolSculpting work on love handles?

Woman holding two cardboard instruments for measuring love handles

How Quintessa Treats and assesses Love Handles (flanks) with Coolsculpting

The love handles (flanks) are a very common CoolSculpting target area for women seeking a true hourglass shape. Exercise, dieting and different outfit choices can only do so much to conceal the excess fat stored in this area. Treating the flanks with CoolSculpting can help you achieve the slimmer look you’ve always wanted, permanently freezing unwanted fat cells along the way.

In such instances, we use two different CoolCurve+ applicator pieces that help us eliminate excess muffin top tissue that spills over the patient’s pant line. Each applicator is placed along the love handle area, starting where the fat ends near the spine and all the way to the front where it ends at the hip.

With both CoolSculpting applicators covering that entire flank area, we’re then able to freeze off targeted fat cells which results in a more trimmed down, hourglass shape that maintains curvy contours without the excess fat.

Coolsculpting the Flanks – Before & After


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