How Should You Handle Sensitive Skin?

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You were happy to try a new lotion on your face — until you woke up the next day with red, blotchy skin.

If you have sensitive skin, you’re probably very familiar with the challenges of using new skincare products or switching from products you’ve used for years. Even if you have learned to work with your skin, it might be worth the effort to speak with a licensed aesthetican at Quintessa about your options. Understanding the cause of your sensitivity and the difference between sensitive skin and an allergy can make a big difference in your life.

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Three features can help determine if your skin is really sensitive. Sensitive skin tends to turn red easily. It tends to be very dry, too. Finally, sensitive skin tends to react to products or contact. The reaction might be in the form of a rash, bumpsor itchiness.

Allergies vs. Sensitivity

One way to tell the difference between an allergen and a product that’s irritating is how your skin responds to different concentrations of the ingredient. Some ingredients, such as retinoids or vitamin C, can be irritating in high concentrations. You might find that switching to a less potent product that contains the same ingredients reduces your sensitivity.

Common Causes

It’s not just the products you use that can trigger an outbreak or cause irritation; Your overall lifestyle habits and skincare habits can make you more or less prone to sensitive skin, too.

For example, using a Clarisonic brush is a great way to cleanse and exfoliate your skin.Using it too frequently or using a brush head that’s too rough for your skin can irritate it. Once the skin is bothered, it will be more sensitive to any further use of the brush. If you think over-exfoliating is behind your sensitivity, give your skin time to heal. Switch to a gentle cleanser and hold off on scrubbing. Before you switch back to regular exfoliation, talk to the staff at Quintessa Medical Spa to make sure the Clarisonic is the best choice for you.

External factors can also lead to sensitive skin. Your skin might feel more sensitive in the winter, for example, when the air is dry and the weather cold. Exposure to sunlight can also make your skin more sensitive.

Certain ingredients found in anti-aging products can also irritate sensitive skin. Fragrances, alcohol and acids, such as retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids are often an issue.

Picking Products to Use

Choosing products that won’t irritate your skin can be a challenge, in part because might be a single ingredient that’s at issue or it might be a cocktail of ingredients. Many skincare lines produce products that are designed for use by people with sensitive skin. For example, the Revitalizing Cleanser from Quintessa’s Skincare line was formulated as a gentle skin cleanser for all skin types.

If you need help choosing products to best suit your skin concerns, our staff at Quintessa Medical Spa is more than happy to offer advise and make recommendations. We have three convenient locations in Wisconsin.

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