I am 30, female, and I got a laser peel two days ago. My face is a mess.

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Question: I am 30, female, and I got a laser peel two days ago.  My face is a mess.  It is all porous, red, and blotchy.  It looks like someone dragged sandpaper repeatedly across my face.  I am pretty sure this is normal but why did the laser do so much damage?  Is this because the laser was removing the top layers of skin?

You did not mention what type of laser was used to treat your skin but, by your description, I am assuming it is an ablative laser such as an Erbium laser or CO2 laser and what you describe is most likely normal.  I certainly discuss the expected posttreatment appearance with my patients so that they are not startled or concerned by the issues that you describe.  I also discuss and give them appropriate skin care management for use while they are at home healing, as it is very important to make sure that the freshly lasered skin maintains moist and that crusting is avoided.  Furthermore, I place my patients on medications to avoid any sort of potential infectious complication after an ablative laser peel.  I would recommend that you contact the provider who performed the laser resurfacing and, if you do have concerns, I am sure they would be happy to take a look at you to assure that things are as expected.

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