How effective is Ultherapy after the age of 65?

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Ultherapy was tested for about one year before FDA approval. When all patients (many over age 65) were included in the studies, 80% responded to treatment and half of the non-responders had a response with a second treatment. You can read more about the FDA study on the Ultherpay manufacturer’s website.

Though we can not guarantee results, we will treat patients a second time at no cost. There have been a few changes to the protocols used to treat patients since the studies were done, and some centers are seeing a 100% response rate. We certainly cannot say that it is 100% effective yet, but those are very encouraging statistics. Though you are not in our prime age range of 40-60 years old, it is really the patient’s ability to create new collagen that causes the lift, and not the failure of the device to cause denaturization of the collagen, as the science behind the method of injury is quite reliable and will work in 100% of patients.

The only reason a patient would not have a response is if their tissue can not create enough new collagen (mainly due to age and sun damage). If your skin looks younger than your age, then you might still be an excellent candidate for Ultherapy. The results thus far have lasted 18 months and counting. By the mechanism of injury and healing, the result should really be “permanent” in that the patient will get the improvement and then age forward.

Ultherapy will not treat facial vessels, but we do have two lasers that are extremely effective at ridding patient’s of unsightly vascularity of the face, body, and legs. We would be happy to discuss this further at your consultation.

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