Is there any laser treatment, facial, or peel that could accomplish this?

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Question: I am getting married in 3 months and want to do something about these old acne scars and to try to prevent more from coming up before the wedding. Is there any laser treatment, facial, or peel that could accomplish this?

Answer: With only 3 months until your wedding this is a bit of a difficulty as virtually all of the treatments that are going to improve acne scarring require a rather aggressive approach, thus leading to some moderate downtime. My personal opinion at this time is that fractionated Erbium laser resurfacing seems to be an excellent option for patients that desire significant reduction in the appearance of their acne scarring. Unfortunately, I typically recommend 3 treatments spaced 1 month apart, which really will not work for someone that is trying to get married in 3 months as the last treatment would be within a month of your wedding date and I would be concerned that you would still have some significant pinkness to the skin from the laser. A single, deep resurfacing can certainly provide excellent improvement in acne scarring and is typically healed within a week but redness and pinkness can take several weeks to slowly subside. I certainly feel this would be an option for you as by the time 3 months rolls around the pinkness should be extremely mild, if present at all.

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