If fat or Sculptra a better option for replacing large volume loss?

Depending on where the volume loss is on the face, there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these possibilities. The big advantage of Sculptra is that it is a product that is available literally off the shelf. You just reconstitute it a few hours before the patient arrives and … Continue Reading

How can I get a Cupid’s bow in the lip?

The most reliable and safest method of improving the appearance and shape of the lip is through the use of injectable fillers.  I prefer the use of Juvéderm and/or Restylane and would consider virtually any other type of filler material contraindicated in the lip.  Specifically, I would highly recommend avoiding … Continue Reading

Does Lux 2940 work on laugh lines?

The Lux 2940 is a fractionated erbium laser similar to the Sciton ProFractional laser that we have at Quintessa Medical Spa.  This laser can provide excellent improvement in wrinkling in virtually any area of the face.  It can also provide significant improvements in acne scarring, surgical scarring, and scarring from … Continue Reading

I had NewFill injected into my lips, but there are lumps. Is there any way to remove these lumps?

NewFill is the same injectable as Sculptra.  Sculptra is the name that is used to market this product in the United States NewFill is the name that it is marketed in the United Kingdom.  This is poly-L-lactic acid, which is essentially a small particle that when injected into the face … Continue Reading

Are there any nonsurgical ways to fix the nasal bridge after two failed rhinoplasties?

In my opinion there really is not a good way to nonsurgically fix the nasal dorsum after two failed rhinoplasties. Unfortunately I truly feel that a proper revision rhinoplasty performed by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will give you the best long term result regarding your nasal appearance. With that said … Continue Reading

Can I get silicone injections before dermabrasion and acne scar revision?

I assume by the wording of the question that the silicone injections are used to treat the acne scarring and I would highly caution anyone considering silicone injections to think twice about this treatment modality.  Injectable silicone is an FDA approved product; however, it is not FDA approved for treatment … Continue Reading

I had Fraxel Restore 5 weeks ago. I now have tiny short diagonal lines on my cheeks and large pores all over my face. What happened?

I had Fraxel Restore 5 weeks ago and now have tiny short diagonal lines on my cheeks and large pores all over my face. What happened and will it go away? Fraxel Restore is a non-ablative treatment that injures (doesn’t destroy or vaporize) tiny tunnels in the skin. Continue Reading

How can I lighten dark scars that were caused from a TCA Peel burn?

There are several modalities to consider when treating dark spots after a TCA burn.  These are due to postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and this type of pigmentation can be very difficult to completely eradicate; however, with multimodality treatment, we can very successfully improve the appearance of these types of lesions.  Treatment includes … Continue Reading

Will Botox make a droopy lower eyelid worse?

That depends on where the Botox is placed. If Botox is purposefully placed in the lower lid, especially into the pretarsal muscle, which is just below the eyelashes, this can indeed, make a droopy lower eyelid worse. If Botox is placed out in the crow’s feet area or in the … Continue Reading

Can laser resurfacing be performed with a pacemaker?

Yes, laser resurfacing can be performed in patients with a pacemaker and in fact, procedures that are performed in the spa setting can be performed on patients with pacemakers without any difficulties.  Obviously, when laser resurfacing is performed in the operating room, certain precautions are taken for patients with … Continue Reading