I recently underwent intense pulsed light Photofacial. I typically am a regular swimmer for exercise and wondered how soon after the Photofacial I can go back in the pool?

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You really should be able to go back in the pool immediately after a Photofacial as it really has not injured the overlying epidermis and, thus, you should not be any more sensitive to the chlorinated water than you would have been prior to the Photofacial.  You will have some slight redness and some darkening of the pigmentation after the Photofacial, so the skin can actually look worse in the first few weeks after the treatment.  It will then rather quickly look better and then allow the provider to increase the amount of energy that can be used in your next Photofacial so that even more of the vascularity and pigmentation that you do not like can be treated successfully.  But you should be able to continue your routine swimming exercise throughout this treatment regimen.

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