What is a chemical peel and what does it do?

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Question: What is a chemical peel and what does it do?

Answer: A chemical peel is a treatment where chemicals are applied to the skin of the face and these chemicals penetrate the skin and tend to cause the skin to peel at a certain depth. The depth is determined by the chemical and the depth also determines the affect that the peel will have on the skin. In essence, the deeper the peel the more significant the affect. There are many different types of chemical peels and the topic is really too broad to cover in a blog, but in essence chemical peels, laser peels, and dermabrasion all perform a similar function in that they vaporize or cause the superficial layers of the skin to cleave off and peel, allowing the underlying skin to then heal which creates improvements in the overall appearance of the skin. Ultimately, it is a rather complicated issue and it really requires the expertise of a specialist so that your results can be optimized and any sort of complications prevented.

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