How many units of Dysport are needed for a brow lift?

Dr. Andrew Campbell at Quintessa Aesthetic Center

Botox and Dysport can both be used to relax the muscle along the side of the upper eyelid. This muscle causes the brow to be pulled down and by relaxing this muscle, one can get a small elevation of the brow or a browlift by the use of this Botox or Dysport. The amount of Dysport or Botox used is highly customized dependent on the activity of the patient’s musculature, but typically 4 to 8 units are placed on each side to allow this muscle to relax and elevate the brows. More frequently I will use 10 to 12 units on each side to treat the entire crow’s feet area and by doing so this will not only improve the crow’s feet wrinkles, but also provide the brow elevation that is desired. Dysport is used in an identical fashion, only three times the number of units of Dysport is used in relation to Botox.  Therefore, a total of 20 units of Botox are used and 60 units of Dysport would be used for the same area.

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