Would you recommend intense pulsed light versus other different photorejuvenation laser systems?

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As far as I know, virtually all photorejuvenation laser systems use some form of intense pulsed light. Intense pulsed light has been around for many years, but they have made some significant improvements in the technology, specifically the BBL System by Sciton, which stands for broadband light, seems to be distinctly superior over our previous technology of intense pulsed light in that it has a significant amount of “punch.” In essence, the broadband light seems to be much more efficient at treating vascular and pigmented lesions and we therefore tend to turn down the power setting quite a bit compared to our prior intense pulsed light technology. This allows us to treat in a much safer and more comfortable manner and yet we end up getting superior results when compared to intense pulsed light. We have had several employees that have extensive experience with intense pulsed light in the past and now have been trained on our new broadband light or BBL technology. These employees have been extremely impressed with the BBL therapy as it seems to provide a more efficacious treatment with less discomfort and less risk of any complications. At Quintessa Medical Spa we will frequently combine BBL technology with other laser systems such as the ProFractional laser and/or micro laser peels to not only rid our patients of unwanted pigment and vascularity, but also to improve their overall skin texture and provide for wrinkle reduction.

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